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Jan 29, 2010 12:05 PM

superbowl places to eat

We live in MN and are lucky enough to win a trip to your area. We have a few nights free. We heard go to Grille 66 but where else would you go. We are staying at the Westin 400 Corporate Drive. Thanks for all the help

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  1. You're staying right around the corner from Madras Cafe, which is well regarded for Indian cuisine, and not far from Eduardo de San Angel for outstanding gourmet Mexican (and Taqueria Dona Raquel for fantastic-yet-different Mex if the funds run low.)

    Calypso is also nearby for good seafood with island flair, and Aruba Beach Cafe (1 Commercial Blvd.) for similar fare, but on the ocean.

    The only option near the stadium that comes to mind is Mahogany Grille, but I'd expect it to be utterly swamped (not to mention any place serving NOLA fare...)

    See these threads for more ideas:

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    1. The Jib Room on Oakland Park Blvd just west of Federal Hwy is fantastic. They're doing a pig roast on Superbowl Sunday.