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Jan 29, 2010 11:34 AM

Miso hungry

I've got some really good red and white miso paste in my fridge, left over from Miso soup. I used a little extra to make the miso butter for David Changes Poached eggs and asparagus dish, which by the way, was awesome and so easy to make. I really love the flavor of miso, and have enjoyed it in salad dressings before. So now, I'm looking around and wondering, what else could I use Miso with? I've got a nice piece of Sockeye in the fridge waiting for me to play with when I get home tonight. Any inspirations for me to try?

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  1. Just mix lime juice, a bit of brown sugar, and the miso into a thin paste and rub it into the salmon and leave for an hour or two. If you do a long marinande, rinse off the excess miso. Bake, broil, or grill as usual.

    A thinner version of the same - miso, lime juice, and a bit of sugar - makes a good dressing/dip for steamed vegetables served cold.

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      Your suggestions are always spot on.....and I don't even need to pick up any ingredients on the way home! I was planning on oven roasting the salmon and serving it over rice. I think I still have some broccoli at home as well, so I'll make a little dressing to try that out as well.

      My wife is always reluctant to try fish (she's a hamburger girl) but LOVED the miso soup I made her, so this is sort of a sneaky attempt to make fish more acceptable at the dinner table.

    2. I second Sam's marinade ideas, and love miso cod or salmon. I also like it for tofu. I make a variation of this broiled tofu recipe (light miso and smaller amt., no skewers) and serve it with veggie stirfries.