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Jan 29, 2010 11:33 AM

Seating recs for EMP?

Any parts of the restaurant that one might request? Are there banquette type tables for a party of four? tia.

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  1. It really is all lovely, but my favorite place to sit is on the elevated level in the back.

    1. There are tables for four along the banquettes, but there are also round tables for four in the middle of room on both the lower and upper levels.

      Photo of lower level:

      Photos of upper level:

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      1. re: RGR

        thank you! how great! what is your fave?

        1. re: enp123

          My husband and I are regulars so "our" table is the two-top at the far end of the banquette along the window wall on the lower level. However, when we go with one or two others, they usually seat us at the round table just in front of our regular table. (You can see it in the first photo.) When we were there as a party of six a few months ago, we were seated at a round table on the upper level. In your case, a round table for four, whether on the lower or upper level, would be my preference, and you can certainly put in a request when you make your reservation.

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            My favorite is the rectangular table on the left (at the banquette) in the back on the upper level. It's so generous for 4 people and comfortable, and I take a banquette seat so i can see the whole room.

      2. I really like the recessed area off the back of the main room. It feels cozier, yet has a nice view of the big room, and even if you are facing the wall there are mirrors on it so you get the view too.

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          The corner tables for two in the back of that alcove area are especially cozy and romantic. This photo is a view towards that area (under the overhang):