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Jan 29, 2010 10:50 AM

Your Favorite NYC restaurant?

I haven't seen a thread about this in a while so I figured I'd start one.

Doesn't have to be the best food, but your FAVORITE. Doesn't have to be fancy, but is a combo of service, food, atmosphere, chef, whatever it may be.

Let's keep a running total. I'll start with....

Blue Hill

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  1. I just can't answer this one. I mean..I can't compare EMP to Lan Sheng...or to Hearth...thought I adore them all...they're just too different. They're all "favorites" in their categories..also what does "favorite" mean? Places you want to go to all the time, places you love for a special occasion?

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      I agree. It's just to hard to pick one favorite. But, if the question was "where would your last meal be?" I think I'd say Peter Lugar's. Something simple, top notch and scratches my need for porterhouse.

    2. really hard question if I wanted to wow someone I would probably go to Babbo.
      Since this is in the Manhattan thread I guess my favorite restaurants are Thai son and a place called 69 in chinatown. Not so much because of the food but the memories I have there. I went to bronx hs of science so all my best friends lived scattered throughout the city, but chinatown was kind of like the midpoint for all of us. So we had countless meals (especially drunk ones) at these restaurants. These restaurants are pretty cheap but I find them pretty tasty.

      1. Impossible! But I love Union Square Cafe, Cafe Boulud, Patsy's Pizza, Artisanal and the Art Bar. For Personal reasons ;)

        1. It changes, but right now, it's Marea.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Le Bernardin was amazing! This place is my #1 all-time favorite restaurant, ever. Aside from the food being awesome, the service is totally perfect, not prenentious at all and Eric was very nice when I met him in person and it was very cool getting a photo with him in the kitchen. Meals at Cafe Boulud, The Boathouse, the restaurant at The Plaza where we stayed and Esca were all very memorable. NYC is foodie heaven! :)