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Jan 29, 2010 09:23 AM

Best hot and sour soup in San Gabriel area?

Got a stuffed-up friend, and I've promised him some good soup. I remember the sweet and sour soup at 101 Noodle was awfully good but wondering whether there are other places I should consider. I've tried Mandarin Noodle Deli and Newport Seafood, they were fine but not as good as 101. Any other suggestions in the Alhambra/San Gabriel/Monterey Park area?

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  1. I would be VERY interested in someone knowledgeable answering this question. I can't remember the least time I had a good H&S soup!!!

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      Actually I ended up at Naga Naga Ramen in old town Pasadena -- not Chinese at all, but I had to be in the neighborhood. Their kimchi ramen hit the spot for my sick friend.
      Maybe next time I'll start out with Dumpling 10053 and Kim Tar and compare them.

    2. Patty,

      This really depends on how you prefer your hot and sour soup. A typical Sichuan (or even Hunan) version that has all the necessary ingredients (e.g. bamboo shoots, ear fungus, lily buds, etc.) can be found at many local joints, like A&J, Kam Hong, Old Country Cafe, Dumplings 10053, and J&J.

      Then there is the Cantonese take on this soup, which is usually based more on a pork broth (as to the more typical chicken), and you can get these at places like Kim Tar or the various Kim Ky locations. Sometimes, they will garnish the soup with (gasp!) chili oil, not content to allow the white pepper to provide the "hot" in the hot and sour soup.

      If you want the traditional Taiwanese take on this soup, you're probably out of luck. A typical Taiwanese version will contain everything the above-noted Sichuan version will have, but adds cubed pork blood (which provides a nice contrast to the tofu, both in color and texture). I have yet to find a place that offers this on the menu as is, but you can usually request it as an add-on if you ask nicely. One place that comes pretty close to replicating a traditional Taiwanese hot and sour soup is Indian, which comes in a "hot pot" form.

      Enjoy and let us know where you end up going.

      1. I like it at Wang's Palace, Monrovia.

        1. Not in San Gabriel, but unquestionably the best Hot & Sour soup we've ever had. Seriously yummy. Get the Green Onion Pancakes to go with it..

          Noodle House (Fu Fang Yuan)
          18219 Gale Ave., #A, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

          1. Of all places, I like Yang Chow's version. Whenever I'm dragged there by a friend that's the only thing I eat.