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Jan 29, 2010 09:07 AM

Olive Oyl-Essex, CT

After an enjoyable hour spent looking at the model train exhibit at the Connecticut River Museum (HINT: only 2 more weeks!), we decided to forego the Gris and went to Olive Oyl's cosy deli across the street to pick up lunch. Many tasty choices in hot soups, hot/cold sandwiches, gourmet cheeses and all kinds of noshes. While obviously better suited to al fresco weather when you can sit in their courtyard or hang your feet over the river docks, we had no problem in January, and took some delicously clammy chowder and Turkish pasty pies back to the car to feast on with some mango ginger stilton cheese for dessert .

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  1. Love Olive Oyl's... they make their own baked goods also... ummm hot fresh out of the choc chunk cookies... really good sandwiches... reasonable prices