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Jan 29, 2010 09:02 AM

Szechwan Palace - Lunch Tomorrow (1/30) -- Join Us!


Hey, there!

I'm new to town and anxious to meet some local food nerds and get some regular outings going. I buzzed by Szechwan Palace (Chinese Cultural Center, near the airport) last week, it looks like the real deal and I'm long overdue for some good Sichuan, so a few of us are grabbing lunch there tomorrow, most likely at 1:00 (to be confirmed shortly).

Drop me a line at if you'd like to join us!

  1. Welcome to Phoenix! I wish I could join you - Sichuan is one of my favorite cuisines and haven't been to Szechuan Palace yet. Maybe next time. Be sure to report back!

    PS - Really enjoy your blog and pictures (YumYum talks very highly of you) and now I'm especially missing Boston seafood favorites like J.Hook, Neptune Oyster and Peach Farm, all of which used to be in walking distance. Though I absolutely love the culinary scene (and friendly Chowhounds) out here and I'm sure you will to.

    Szechwan Palace
    668 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

    1. Shoot. That sounds like fun. Unfortunately(?), I'll be tied up with smoking some ribs for an early dinner tomorrow.

      There was talk of a hound dinner last summer, but that plan kind of fell apart with the demise of the proposed venue. Perhaps we can organize a post-Valentine's meet & greet & eat.

      1. Ugh. I'm already trying to find a way to join one of my hiking clubs in the White Tanks tomorrow while simultaneously taking my daughter to the Great Arizona Puppet Theater. I can't think of a way to be three places at once, much less two.

        By the way, the mods seem to frown upon using the board for event planning, so this thread may not last. In the past, there's been a sort of parallel Google group for this purpose. I left it a while back and don't know if it's still active. These days, I'd say the best way to handle something like this might be to announce it here but collect RSVPs via twtvite or a similar service.

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          Mods don't mind as long as you give contact information and encourage people to RSVP via email. In the past I've asked them to make CH event posts a sticky, which they always do.

          1. re: silverbear

            Hence the e-mail address :-)

            There is a Google group:


            I've registered but haven't been accepted yet, otherwise I'd just do this there (not a criticism of whoever's managing it... I only became aware of it an hour or two ago).

            In any case, much as I'd LOVE to turn this into an extended discussion, I also want to respect the mods' wishes on their board. Everybody drop me a line and we'll talk. For future stuff, as well.