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Jan 29, 2010 08:03 AM

Valentines Ideas

Anyone have good ideas for Valentine's day dinner? I'm fine with expensive restaurants as long as it's worth it. Preferably something cozy and romatic (obviously).


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  1. neighborhood preference? Do you want waitstaff hovering and fussing, od you want the place to be making a special fuss about the day, or do you two want to be left alone to enjoy the company and food?

    1. Hotel Saint Germaine is the most romantic restaurant in Dallas. (Believe me I know!) Good luck getting rezzies anywhere this late!

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        I don't have a neighborhood preference as long as in Dallas (not Plano or other burbs). I'd prefer to be left alone, but will put up with more attentive waitstaff if the food is worth it.

        OCNC, I thought starting two weeks ahead of time was reasonable! I'm I really already doomed?

        1. re: AlyshaB2005

          I would recommend you try Tramontana at Northwest Highway and The Tollway. They are doing a special price fixe dinner and are taking two reservation times, which means that they aren't going to try and turn the table on you 4x (which will happen at many other restaurants that weekend). Chef James Neal owns and runs Tramontana. I have been there three or four times over three years and each time I go, I wonder why I haven't been in so long. Food is awesome. Service is good, but not always flawless. I only say this to set expectations, most of the time everything is great. One time I had to ask for a 2nd glass of wine, and for our water glasses to be refilled.

        1. The original comment has been removed