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Jan 29, 2010 07:51 AM

Canadian Costco - Can you get anything unusual there?

There's always a lot of talk on this board about the interesting finds at Costco in the US.

I got a Costco membership a few months back without ever having stepped foot in the store, to save a significant amount on a countertop installation. I'm wondering if I should venture to the store to check out the food finds. Or will it just be bulk packages of all the things I can find at the grocery chains?

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  1. Good cheese and meat selection -- better than the typical grocery chain.

    1. Worth the price of the membership. Food items we regularly buy: Lamb Chops, Baby Back Ribs, Almonds, Cheese (Old and extra old cheddar, Parm Reg, Chanterelles in the fall, Back Bacon, Veg is hit and miss, good prices and quality when it is a hit, Fish (Pickerel, Halibut and Wild Salmon (When they have it), and beef. Some of the packaging is large, but you can freeze or divide the items that are too large.

      1. Parmesan cheese wedges are a steal there. People also rave about their meats.