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Jan 29, 2010 07:38 AM

Lemon Curd: Conversions to Other recipes

I need recipes for cakes, pies or tarts which start with lemon curd as a base for their flavor / filling.

We just harvested our Meyer lemon tree and made about a gallon of lemon curd. It has been great for crepes, toast, and to give away to friends.

We mixed a jar with a tub of marscapone cheese, and put it in a tart shell for a nice lemon tart. We need other suggestions!

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  1. One of our favorites is as a base for blueberry pie or blueberry tarts. I love the combination of lemon curd and blueberries.

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      1. LOL! That thread is long enough already. ;-)

        To the OP, here are some other CH threads that might help:

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          Thanks, yes, I had read all those threads before posting.
          They have no more ideas on how to use lemon curd.
          Most of them are recipes for lemon curd, which I have.

          No comment on the spelling error correction....

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            What about using it in a salad dressing? Or freezing it for later use?

            Here's a bread pudding recipe:


            Or Flora's Famous Zucchini Cake here:

            A lemon souffle:

            A Sponge pudding?

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              Thanks, these look great.

              I am especially interested in the souffle idea, or some kind of flourless cake. -Not for gluten free reasons, but just for general rich tastiness reasons ;)

      2. A friend of mine had a great idea of using lemon curd instead of jam in thumbprint cookies -- you'd have to bake the cookies with no curd in them, and fill them afterward, but that would be tasty.

        1. Not super original, but a great filling for white/yellow layer cakes, especially when paired with other fruits or jams (raspberry, strawberry)--frozen is good this time of year. Also, I have made lavender-flavored cupcakes and filled them with curd. Just cut a plug out of the top, scoop in curd, replace plug, frost to cover scars. Lastly, this blog post has instructions for water bath canning lemon curd, if you like. Won't last as long as some other things, but certainly longer than in the refrigerator:

          Nothing groundbreaking in terms of curd usage, I suppose, but tasty stuff anyway.

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            Thanks for these suggestions.
            Lavender and Lemon sounds like a great combo.
            I also like the lemon blueberry idea up above. Too bad the only ones in season now are from Chile, but heck, may have to just go with them anyway.

          2. Lemon curd goes well with fresh blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. One of my favorite ways to use curd is to make a trifle..alternate your curd with layers of cake and fruit. Add nuts if you'd like and some whipped cream. Another way is to make some cannoli; add the curd to the ricotta filling, you can also add some berries before filling the shells.

            I know you didn't ask for savory ideas, but a great way to use the curd is to season up & grill some pork tenderloin, kabobs or chops and glaze it with melted curd; this works well with chicken and salmon too.