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Jan 29, 2010 07:17 AM

Uh oh - Valentines Day in Napa - where can a girl get a delicious meal?

So I am a public school teacher here in Brooklyn, NY and I can only vacation when I don't have to teach. This upcoming school vacation (President's Day week) will find me tromping through Northern California in search of fresh air, space and good wine. I've also come to the realization that I'll be in Napa on Valentine's Day. I find Valentine's Day to be a bit of a dining bust - often it's hard to find just a well-priced meal on this holiday. Anyone have any suggestions? I've looked around the restaurants in Napa and found, as I thought I would, have prixe fixe Valentine's Day menus that are expensive and not entirely appealing. I don't want to stay in my hotel room (am staying in AVIA for night - right downtown). Any suggestions? I am willing to shell out money for a delicious meal but not willing to shell out bucks for a holiday hype meal! Thanks.....

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  1. Are you alone, or with other people? If you're alone, eating at the bar somewhere might be a good way to go -- you can eat at the bar at Ad Hoc, and then you don't have to have the whole prix fixe menu (they have a nightly prix fixe, so it's not special for Valentine's Day). Here's a good thread with some other suggestions of places to eat at the bar (slightly outdated, a few of these places have closed, but most are still there).

    1. I'd head to Oxbow Public Market- Pica Pica followed by a Kara's cupcake!

      1. There's a new spot 1/2 block away, called a gastropub, named Norman Rose.

        Should be fun and loaded with solo diners and couples.

        Also, check out jazz at Uva -- sit at the bar. Good music and good wines by the glass. Food good, too.

        Pizza Azzurro also, Bounty Hunter, Ubuntu, Cole's Chop House. You can walk to all these places, and sit at the bar. You could even do a little V-Day crawl and hit a few spots. Have a nice time.

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          Thanks y'all for these suggestions. I'm here in No. CA now and looking forward to trying them !