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Jan 29, 2010 06:49 AM

Looking for authentic(ish) Mexican

I don't know anything about Mexican food, but I'd like to take my family (who are visiting over the next few days) to a local taqueria or similar. Somewhere cheap and authentic would be desirable. And reachable by public transport or walking from/in Center City.

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  1. My favorite taco place is Taquitos de Puebla: I really enjoy the tacos al pastor. They are the same folks that bring a set up to the Headhouse Square farmer's market. Their restaurant is on 9th, south of Washington. It's small, cheap, and fast. Good gauc too.

    There are other places down that way as well. If you want something beyond tacos, I recommend La Lupe, a little further south on 9th.

    1. If you want authentic - you can beat Las Cazeulas on Girard between 4th and 5th. It is Fantastic, fresh, and BYO...which we LOVE!! This is not Tex-Mex, by the way - it's the real deal.

      1. Tacqueria Veracruzano is good and cheap and is walking distance from Center City.

        1. My favorite is Tacos Don Memo in Upper Darby. It is at the end of the line for the Subway and Bus at 69th and Market. Best Mexican food I've found in Philly. It is a BYO and they make really fantastic Margaritas and the Guacamole is made table-side with a mortar-and-pestle. Absolutely delicious and quite reasonably priced.