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Jan 29, 2010 06:37 AM

Sushi...but the place needs to have non Japanese options as well...

Looking for a sushi place that also offers american-style "Asian" dishes. I love sushi and I'm an experienced eater, but my girlfriend wont eat anything beyond a few pieces of tuna/salmon sashimi and hates soba and the usual american-style "japanese" apps and entrees (tataki, tempura, teryaki etc..).

Basically, I need a japanese-cum-chinese place with sushi that'll satisfy me. Prefer, if possible, classic Japanese-style sushi like you'd get at Toraya, but I'm definitely willing to have mediocre Chinese-owned sushi as long as my girlfriend has something to eat too.

We're in Waltham, but we'll go as far as Boston/Burlington/Woburn/Framingham etc...

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  1. Many Korean restaurants also offer sushi. China Sky in Wellesley and Lotus Blossom in Sudbury offer both Chinese and sushi. Most shabu-shabu places have short sashimi and/or sushi menus.

    1. Top pick i can think of is Green Tea in Newton. Not far from Waltham at all. Excellent Chinese and a very nice sushi menu.

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        Is Green Tea going to be better than Sato on the north side of Waltham? that's my default option, and I had sort of assumed Green Tea was on a similar level...

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          I have never been to Sato. I do know that Sonny the owner of green tea takes great pride in his sushi. I dont eat sushi, so no comment but i have seen it there and it looks really nice and the menu certainly is impressive. I do know that the chinese food especially the traditional style dishes and the dimsum menu on weekends is excellent.

          He is also really into all his "special sushi creations" on the last page of the menu. Always talking about them and has photos of them all over the walls.

          I just looked at the Sato menu. Wasnt very impressed by the tiny "polynesion" style menu

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            Haven't been back to Sato since I worked nearby a few years ago, but I recall it having Chinese chefs and doing a mix of American-Chinese and Japanese. This reminds me of the Bamboo mini-chain, with a Bedford location the closest to you, which is similar.

            Also, Zebra's Bistro in Medfield does an interesting (or odd, your call) mix of sushi, American pub fare, and French bistro.



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              Bamboo does better with colorful rolls than tasty sushi and its certainly not "Japanese like Toraya." Maki on the Sunday buffet in Bedford hasn't always been awful and well made, but some sashimi I was served at their Westford location was almost as bad as Minado and they were worse at cutting it. I think its good they skimp on the fish for the buffet Sushi. Bamboo is fairly decent Americanized Chinese though, Mindo also might satisfy the girlfriend, but you will have to hunt hard to find a nice piece of fish on the buffet. I think Sato might be the best option, if Oishii is interesting there is the Sudbury location. Jae's as BD mentioned would be good but down to one location. bluefin has a wider menu of cooked food than you mentioned, but unless she is good with katsu don and so on its not going to serve both of you. Since Korean has been mentioned I have done ok with the sashimi at chung ki wa, but it doesn't sound like what she would be into.

      2. If you are looking for a place downtown, I think Ma Soba on Cambridge Street fits the bill. It won't blow your socks off or anything but it is very solid sushi and lots of other asian dishes including the american chineese basics and more adventurous stuff as well.

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          I second Ma Soba on Cambridge Street. I was surprised, but their Kalbi is among the best I've ever had, and they seem to do Americanized Chinese well for that genre. I might also suggest Koreana in Cambridge. Toraya or Shiki might be possibilities too, if only because their non-sushi offerings are out of the orindary --- definitely much more broad than teriyaki, tempura and soba.

          I'm amazed that there are so many restaurants that offer sushi and something very different --- sounds like you have many options!

        2. What about Oishii in Chestnut Hill? I know, this doesn't sound like a good idea at all. They have lots of interesting rolls that might actually appeal to her. The shiitake mushroom roll covered in sauteed mushrooms is about as cooked and unctuous as I can think of.

          Lots of Korean places have sushi too.

          Also, if it gets desperate, Rue 57 in NYC has sushi and French bistro dishes on their menu.

          1. goto All Seasons Table in Malden. Its owned by the same owner as Sato, but i think the food and atmosphere is much better..especially their sushi. their sushi chef came from douzo. i believe they have live jazz on the wkends as well.

            their sashimi and sushi is good, but their maki offerings are better. if you go, try the basil fried rice. 4/5 stars on yelp 88 reviews if that means anything. price is a bit high for malden...but definitely cheaper then boston/cambridge. plenty parking on street out front and lots of free/metered lots nearby.

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              If the drive is not too daunting I think All Season's is a good choice.

              They have respectable sushi, as well as an extensive pan-asian menu. Nice space. They do still have jazz on the weekends but this can also make things rather loud. I like it, but if you want to talk talk talk it can get difficult when they start playing.

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                I was just at All Seasons Table 2 days ago. I had the sashimi and it was the best I have ever had there - eaten sashimi there at least 10 times.

                The taste and appearance was better - maybe a new sushi chef since I had eaten about 2 months ago.

                They definately have jazz as they were setting up when I was leaving on Thursday night. Lisa13 stated the jazz was loud - I never thought it was loud. However, I have never sat at a table really close to the musicians.