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Jan 29, 2010 06:26 AM

Good Restaurant between Doylestown and Downingtown

Traveling from Lancaster to Doylestown Saturday. Looking for advice on good places to stop coming or going, especially between Downingtown and Doylestown. Will entertain all types of ideas. Thanks for the help. I know this sounds very broad but just wanted to see what others recommend. Also, it doesn't have to be right on the path, I don't mind driving a bit out of the way. Thanks.

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  1. Is this for dinner? If so, I'd recommend Jasper in Downingtown, it's right on rt. 30 (I assume you'll be driving on 30).

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      Probably dinner, though not totally sure. Driving to Moravian Tile Works in Doylestown, stopping at Four Dogs for a Drink in West Chester and to check out some tile work there. Have eaten there many times before so looking for somewhere else other than Four Dogs. Thanks for the rec. I'll look it up.

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        Avalon in West Chester is very good too, they serve some great fresh pasta dishes.

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          Has anyone been to William Penn Inn in Ambler?

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            Definitely skip William Penn Inn. It is beautiful, the service is great and the food is very, very mediocre (except for the Sunday brunch). There is a great French restaurant in Doylestown called Slate Bleu. It is expensive but is a very excellent French restaurant in a somewhat casual setting. The chef formerly was a chef at La Grenouille in New York.

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              I will give a second for Slate Bleu. I'd also recommend Honey, in Doylestown -

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                I would add that the William Penn Inn is good for a large crowd. They can handle big numbers and keep up the service & quality. Had my weddding reception there and they did a wonderful job.

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                First of all the William Penn Inn is in Gwynned. You may be confusing it with the Joseph Ambler Inn, which is on Horsham Road, in North Wales. Joseph Ambler would be another place to consider for a good food, excellent wine list. My only disappointment is that there is so much construction going on now on 413 widening the road, and the soon to be started 202 bypass project. the bucolic setting may be permanently transformed.

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              Heh, did not realize this was an old post. So where did you end up anyway? Was all raady to say that I ended up at the tile works this saturday too. It is a lovely picnic spot. Whenever I have one of those lets see where the day takes me kind of day and the weather is lovely I get pulled there by some mystical chowhound force. :)

          2. I really like Bacco, on 202 in Montgomeryville. They have really good Italian food served family style. Offering both pastas and meats very well done. Nice bar area. If a big meal is not what you had in mind, you can take advantage of the wood fired pizza oven. Their pizzas have the lightest crispiest crusts around. Also good salads and desserts.

            1. A new place just opened last week in Downingtown, called Station Taproom. We checked it out Friday and the place was great. Excellent beer selections and the food was delicious. It's on West Lancaster Ave, right across from the train staion.
              I've heard good things about Honey's in Doylestown and really want to try them out.

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                I second Station Taproom. Great young local owners making good in the hometown. Great taps. They are finding their footing with the food- the mussels are good, chickpea burger, lamb burger, etc are all good. Gourmet bar food. Execution isn't consistent yet... but they'll get there.

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                  Sushi - a roll fest at CHO CHO SAN in motgomeryville vote!