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Jan 29, 2010 05:49 AM

Presentable/Comfortable place for a cheesesteak/hoagie?

Hey folks,

So I've had my fair share of cheesesteaks since moving to Philly, but it seems the best ones are always the least presentable - John's R P is in a shack in the middle of nowhere; Dallesandro's is the size of a closet; Sarcone's has all of three chairs; Chickie's is take-out only; Jim's on south street has more frat boys than a kegger etc etc...

And these are fine if I'm with friends my age, but if I'd like to show visiting friends/family a good cheesesteak is there anywhere that fits? There's no need for tails and a maitre d' of course but isn't there anything in between Le Bec Fin and sitting on a splintered wooden bench in the rain?

My one idea was DiNic's at Reading Terminal Market, and maybe the new Paesano's in Center City whenever it opens.

I know cheesesteaks have been talked to death on these forums but hopefully this is a new take. Thanks for your ideas and suggestions!

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  1. DiNic's doesn't do Cheesesteaks, they do the "other" Phila sandwich. How about Rick's downstairs in the Bellvue?

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      Rick's is good.

      Sonny's is Old City is pretty good and has a nice seating area. You order at the counter and go get them yourself when they are ready, but it is spacious and pleasant.

      The new Paesano's might be ok (it's at the Italian Market, not CC) but I would expect it to be pretty crowded, especially soon after it opens. It's a lot bigger than the old one, but still not that big.

      I don't see a problem with Jim's if you go for lunch, when it is not insanely crowded. It is usually pretty clean and has the Philly 'tude.

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        Rick's downstairs sounds pretty good. And yeah South Street is a fun place so Jim's for lunch and then strudel from Famous 4th would be very Philly-ish!

    2. Tony Jr.'s on 18th near Sansom only has a few seats, but they're usually empty and make a great Whiz Wit. And you can help yourself to all the whole hot peppers your GI tract can handle.

      Also, I second the RIck's @ the Bellevue idea.

      And, no, DiNic's does not make cheesesteaks, but for my $$ I'd take a DiNic's pulled pork (or brisket) with sharp provolone and greens over a cheesesteak any day.

      1. I think Campo's in Old City has seating and serves cheesesteaks and hoagies.

        1. The best "respectable/presentable" cheesesteak shops are mostly found in the suburbs. In Delaware County, I'd go to the Thunderbird in Broomall or La Forno in Media. The new Pudge's in Blue Bell has a nice seating area. Big John's in Cherry Hill has a decent seating area.

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          1. re: cheesewit

            This is true, I was actually thinking Mama's Pizzeria in Bala...

            1. re: cheesewit

              As far as cheesesteaks in DelCo go: the Dairy Cottage FTW!

              The DC has always made my favorite cheesesteaks. They made me my very first cheesesteak!

              1. re: foodadelphia

                And yet another good option. I do like the Dairy Cottage in Springfield and Joe's in Broomall (same ownership).

              2. re: cheesewit

                Mmmmm Pudge's! They even take credit cards now and they are one short hop from their old location and good as ever. I heard that it took them three months to reopen in the new location because of all the hoops of fire they had to jump through.

              3. Depending on when you go - Mike's Steaks downstairs at the Comcast Center is a good option and does a good steak. Plus there are plenty of other options in the food offerings there - Plus you can grab your food on Saturdays and watch the video screen at the little tables they set up in the lobby - the food court is not open on Sundays though.

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                  Can you do this weekedays too or is it just a Saturday thing?