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Jan 29, 2010 05:41 AM

Looking for virgin drinks

Here's my dilemna: I like a good cocktail...but am on a temporary restriction from alcohol. I'm looking for places to go with good food but that have a bar that knows how to make a good non-alcoholic cocktail....I'm not talking just about virgin daquiris/pina coladas either.

Any suggestions? I'm out in Loudoun, but would be happy to go anywhere in DC, NoVA.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ceiba & TenPenh in DC both have a few non-alcohol drinks. Food is good too.

    1. restaurant eve does a very good job with this.

      1. Zola is another good choice.

        1. any decent mixologist should be able to accomodate you!

          1. Go to PS7...Gina will surely be able to help you out. I know that her delicious mulled cider starts out virgin and then she adds rum (and other things) so you can sip on that (which is perfect in this cold weather). They might even have a virgin drink list---I think it says somewhere on the drink menu that people can order cocktails alcohol free.