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Jan 29, 2010 05:21 AM

Weekday lunch place to stand in for Dante?

Dante was our go-to "fancy" workday lunch restaurant. We just discovered that they've stopped serving lunch for the season (??) so we're looking for somewhere similar. Cambridge would be preferred but we're open to crossing the river. Any ideas? We ended up at Legal Seafood the other day and I'd rather not have that become our regular place.


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  1. Across the river Scampo has a nice lunch. Beacon Hill Bistro is nice too.

    1. Across the river, Sel de la Terre on State St. is nice for lunch.

      1. Try Bambara across the street from Dante. It's at the Hotel Marlowe. They have a three course lunch for $14 that I have enjoyed quite a few times. If you liked the location of Dante, you'll like this,too.