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Jan 29, 2010 05:18 AM

Bar between St Kate's campus and the airport

For a small group to have drinks. Please, no dives and no overly fussy/spendy places.

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  1. Chatterbox Pub--SE corner of Cleveland and Ford Parkway.

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    1. re: Orange Julius

      This is the only option I can think of that actually fits the "between St. Kate's and airport" qualification. It should be fine for drinks and hanging out, but I have been fairly underwhelmed by the food there so I would avoid it as a dinner option.

      1. re: Orange Julius

        Agreed. This is a perfect place for just drinks. Not divey or overly spendy or precious.


      2. Buster's at 42nd Street and 28th Ave (in S. Minneapolis) would be close - it's about 6 blocks west of Hiawatha Ave at 42nd. Not divey, not stuffy, just a comfortable neighborhood place with a very good beer selection. It can get a bit crowded at night and I've found the food to be a little uneven (never really terrible, not always outstanding), but overall I think it would be a good choice, especially if you're mostly interested in drinks.

        1. If you just want to get a couple brewski's, no fuss, no muss, and free popcorn there is a Champs on West 7th. It is sports bar, and a chain, but the service is good and there will probably be plenty of room since it is pretty large place.

          If you want fancy microbrews, etc. to somewhere else. Chatterbox would work, too. (Just a mile or two away. )

          1. Any reactions to Tiffany's? Plum's?

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            1. re: Enso

              I have not been to Plums in quite a while (probably about 7 years or so), but at least based on a couple of visits immediately after college it falls pretty close to the dive category (which has its place - but you said no dives). I would choose the Chatterbox over Plum's (unless you need a full liquor license - which I just realized that I am not sure the Chatterbox has).

              I have never been to Tiffany's.

              1. re: Enso

                Plums is fine for a bar (but not for food), but it's looking pretty worn. It's mostly a place for Mac kids to hang out. Tiffany's has been recently remodeled, and may not look as worn as Plum's, but, it's still primarily a bar for the Katies and Tommies to gather.

                Chatterbox is new (less than 5 years old) at that location. Again, awful food, but nice roomy bar area. Very clean and pleasant.

                It doesn't matter what time of day you go to that Champps on West 7th, it always seems like no one has brought out the mop or wiped the tables in a long while.

                None of these places is overly fussy or spendy, though. If you wanted fussy or spendy, we'd send you to Heartland Wine Bar, for instance.


                1. re: Enso

                  Tiffany's is much worse than the Chatterbox. If you are considering Plums, you could try the Nook. Highland grill also has a full bar. Either of the last two would be fine unless you are catching a flight during peak dining hours or the lunch rush.

                2. Piling on...

                  I live in the area. On a direct route, your two choices are Chatterbox and Tiffany's. Chatterbox is roomier, and would be classified as a restaurant that serves drinks. Tiff's is decidedly in the bar that serves food category.