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Jan 29, 2010 05:15 AM

Salad Creations

I have got to find better lunch options than what we've got on our rotation but I work in chain hell (Ballantyne/Charlotte). I noticed a new place that opened up right by my office called "Salad Creations". I could tell by the name and the signage that it is a chain and it is, but it looks interesting. Anyone been? Are the fixings fresh? Is it a rip off?

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  1. Here's their menu, looks good. we've had one where I live for about a year, haven't tried it yet, maybe this summer. I don't know how long it will last. In my area it's mostly pizza, wings and stuff with lot's of cheese sauce that sells, along with lot's of fast food.

    1. It's fresh and good. Salads are big, and you get to choose everything, including your type of lettuce. I've had better salad ingredients only at a few places, and it's definitely better than Sweet Tomatoes.

      My only minus for Salad Creations is the salad dressings are good but not stellar, but I don't like a lot of dressing on my salad anyway. If you prefer your salad drenched, you might be more disappointed.