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Jan 29, 2010 03:55 AM

Farm Co-op in Collegeville Area

Does anyone know of any farm co-ops in the Collegeville/Phoenixville/King of Prussia areas?

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  1. I belong (and have for past 2 years) to a CSA in Skippack called Bauder farms. Great value compared to other CSA's ( I was also a member at Charlestown for 5 years--wonderful but expensive) and they also offer for sale eggs, honey and some lancaster county products. Joining again for the season, and will likely also source some of their produce for a restaurant I am opening. Hope that helps.

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      Thanks so much for the info on Bauder Farms - they are going to send me the info!

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        i see you are opeing pizza place in cedars but i can't get the website up??? when are you opening?? details??

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          I saw your post about 19 Bella and us--our first food blog reference--woo hoo!!

          Construction starts next week--website should be up about then as well. Please check back then and sign up for our email list. Opening will be the beginning of September. Once the website is up, shoot me an email so that I can invite you to one of our soft openings/menu tests.

          Olce (ole-say) was created to fill what we view as a need in the local dining scene-- a next generation pizza place focusing on handcrafted, local, seasonal products served in a stylish but family friendly atmosphere.

          The focus is going to be on artisanal pizza cooked in our wood burning oven featuring as much locally sourced and seasonal products as possible. One of the ones we have been testing this week is a white pie made with shaved zucchini (from the Bauder CSA of this thread), pecorino romano, mozzeralla, olive oil and black pepper. If you are a pizza nut like me--we are doing 11" pies and the style is a combo of neopolitan and cracker crust. We will also offer a few apps, salads and desserts. BYOB and family friendly. Serving lunch and dinner Tues to Sun. We will also have some outdoor seating weather permitting. Goal is to make great pizza the new bench mark for a local joint--and serve it a stylish but comfortable setting. Thanks--and see you soon. Kevin

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            We were just over there yesterday scoping out your new place. As far as I am concerned, pizza is the perfect food and I could eat it every day. We are looking forward to trying your pizza.

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              I live in Worcester and am looking forward to the opening. Good luck Kevin.

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                  3401 Skippack Pike in Cedars--the corner of Skippack Pike and Bustard Road. It is the complex where the Cedars Country Store is located.

                  Country Store
                  PO Box 328, Kenton, DE 19955

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              I was wondering how farm co-ops work? I looked at bauder farms website but they didn't have any info. I am new to this and am interested in how these work. thanks

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                Farm coops are generally set up with shares--so that each member owns one of the shares. Some coops offer whole and half shares--depends on how much veggies you want every week. You own a share by purchasing it from the coop. Ownership entitles you to a weekly allotment of the harvest. At Bauder this week, we got (1/2 share) cantalope, green peppers, onions, squash, a quart of tomatoes, and a quart of beets. The amount of variety changes with what is harvested that week. Most run from May to November. Highly recommend .

            3. my ex interns at maysie's farm in glenmoore, not far from phoenxville. i've toured their grounds and munched on their mustard greens, it's a cool place. for more info:

              1. I can vouch for the quality of the PESTICIDE FREE produce from Bauder's
                they're at the Skippack farmers market every Sunday
                their prices are good (on par with "conventional" produce) and they're VERY nice people, at the farmers market they also sell eggs from cage free hens!