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Jan 29, 2010 03:54 AM

Quick Sat. lunch in Lawrenceville area?

I'm going to be in the Lawrenceville area and won't have much time for lunch on a Saturday. Any suggestions on where I should go? All the L'ville restaurants I know are more formal affairs and I just don't have that much time. Any type of food is fine, so long as it's high quality.

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  1. In actual Lawrenceville, there's a cute cafe called the Fedora Cafe. People really seem to like it. They have a funky menu that's all over the place. I've only been once and it was just a fun experience. A lot of the kids from The Lawrenceville School come in, and they cater to that crowd to a certain degree, but it's not a raucous kiddie joint. More of a "coffee house" vibe with a full menu. The soups are supposed to be very good.

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      Have not been to Fedora in several years. U was a regular some years back. It will likely fit your needs, but it can be busy. It is VERY popular, at least it was when I used to go. It is right on 206 just a mile (maybe) north of the 295 exit for Lawrenceville.

    2. Simply Radishing in the Lawrence Mall. It has a variety of soups, sandwiches, entrees and very good salads. They also have vegetarian selections. I've always had a great lunch here.

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        Unfortunately, Simply Radishing recently closed:( I think their location finally did them in.

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          Oh, that's too bad! I agree the location wasn't the best. Thanks for the info.