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Jan 29, 2010 01:41 AM

How much does the bone weigh in a fore-rib of beef?

I was put off by the price recently, but having done some quick maths, ~£11 per kg actually seems quite reasonable. It all depends on how much the bone weighs (approximately) and how much actual meat I'm getting.

Considering sirloin is about double the cost, I actually eat about 8 ounce steaks I think. So a £15 rib should feed three ok if we get about 250g each, as long as the bone doesn't weigh more than 500g or so.

Oh, and I saw something on TV where they pan-seared the rib, then put it in the oven, presumably to cook on low for ages. Would anybody be able to point me to a similar recipe?
Incidentally, that program said 1 rib would serve 2 people. Did look nice though.

Actually, miy girlfriend's twin sister is coming down for the weekend, and though I don't particularly like her much, I might cook up something nice.

Any ideas what to cook with the fore-rib for (probably) sunday lunch? Chunky Goose-fat home made chips and bernaise sauce? Maybe spinach and asparagus..

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  1. Generally they figure 25% bone. Is fore rib the same as we call rib eye? I think it is, and if so, one rib does serve 2 people. I cook mine the regular way, start high and then medium, but lots of advice on other threads about the low and slow method.

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      Ok, cool. I got £18 worth, which should be enough for 3 I think, 1.2 kg or so.

      I'll try and seek out some slow/low advice

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        Here's the most recent, the second post by fourunder and after. He's a big proponent of this method.

    2. It sounds as though 1.2kg will be enough for 3 people. Did you end up with one rib bone or two? At that weight, it is somewhere in between a big bone-in steak and a roast, so I would suggest keeping that in mind because your cooking time will probably be shorter than you expect from recipes you find.

      As far as what to serve with the beef, how about an alternative to goose fat home made chips, which, considering that fore rib is a really rich cut of meat, seems like overkill to me.

      I'd suggest a cauliflower mash, or a mix of cauliflower and potatoes, or celeriac and potatoes.

      Oven roasted asparagus, green beans or carrots (toss with olive oil, salt and pepper) can be done while the roast is resting after you take it out of the oven.

      You'll find lots more on the Home Cooking board. Look for "prime rib roast" and "standing rib roast" as these are the terms typically used in the US. Once cooking method Thomas Keller uses in the Ad Hoc cookbook is talked about in one thread. I haven't tried it but we have a blow torch and I'm curious:

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        Thanks; I got one rib, and actually used a Jamie Oliver recipe. It's basically get the pan as hot as you can, brown for a minute on one side, and then turn and stick in the oven.

        One was definitely enough for 3 people, but that's perhaps all, as the meat around the bone has a lot of gristle.

        I went for the chips (which were soggy and horrible, perhaps due to swapping them to the bottom of the oven), asparagus and spring greens (both bought last night for 70p, reduced.