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Jan 29, 2010 01:12 AM

Any Good Peking duck to be found in the SFV?

I know this may be a bit futile considering there's not much in the way of good Chinese eats to start with here in the SFV but Peking duck is one of my favorites and I'm wondering if there's any decent versions available in the Valley? I've tried it at Sam Woo in Van Nuys and it was alright, but nothing spectacular.

I know if I drive a bit I can be in duck heaven in the SGV but I'm feeling lazy and am crossing my fingers.


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  1. Hugh Lipton at one time recommended (IIRC it was a 2008 post - so not that long ago) the Peking duck at the BBQ Unlimited in NoHo.

    1. I've never tried Sam Woo's, but I can say Uncle Chen's was not bad. I'm sure it isn't SGV worthy by any means, but it does the trick when the craving hits. They even have it on special periodically.