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Jan 28, 2010 10:44 PM

Looking for a nice vegetarian lunch in DC for my sister's 50th birthday

My sister is the only vegetarian in our group of three, so a crossover restaurant would be ideal. We'd prefer to stay in NW DC, or close-in Bethesda.

Price is not an issue. We are all adventurous eaters.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. When I think vegetarian, the first thing that comes to mind is Indian. At first I was going to suggest Woodlands, but it's not fancy at all. Then I thought Indique Heights which is both veg and non-veg? Passage to India in Bethesda?

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      Sticking with the Indian theme - Bombay Club or Indique - both have fabulous vegetarian choices. Our last meal at Passage to India in Bethesda was yummy, but the atmosphere at both BC and Indique are a bit more special for a 50th birthday.

    2. If you want a non-Indian option, Equinox normally has really good vegetarian option/s on their menu and you might be able to call ahead to arrange something different.

      1. I think Jaleo is a lot of fun, and they have a huge variety of vegetarian tapas, as well as meat and seafood. They also do a vegetarian paella. Their cocktails are also fantastic - get a Jose Andreas Gin and Tonic. Maybe the best cocktail I've ever had, anywhere. I've never been to the one in Virginia - just the location in Penn Quarter.