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Jan 28, 2010 09:23 PM

has anyone tried mozza2go?

i'll start with i love pizzeria mozza.

i'm wondering how far i have to call ahead, if the product is on the same quality level, and any other info that might be helpful.

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  1. I had a very nice panino with excellent mozarella and prosciutto. I've also heard from a few very reliable sources that the porchetta panino is absurdly good.

    1. I've never called ahead but I have parked , ordered a couple pies and was eating them on the hood of my car in about 20 mins...the pies were the same as those ordered in the restaurant. A great way to nab killer pizza.

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        they have that same great butterscotch pudding too with the embedded salt crystals, great stuff.

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            Wasn't trying to. But sometimes chowhound is all about vicarious eats (especially when it comes to Urasawa or Valentino or Totoraku perhaps.)

      2. I've had delivery a few times...quality is the same as eating there although the pizza required heating (in the oven - special note on the pizza box). It takes about an hour for delivery. They charge a high delivery fee - I think like $7, but it's kinda worth it :-)

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          We tried once to bring it back to work. The sandwiches were more successful than the pizzas. In the restaurant, the pizzas drop off after about 5 minutes. Meaning, by the time I start or am halfway through my second slice, the pizza seems to have seized up a bit. Because it ended up being about 15 minutes from pick-up to first slice, the pizzas were all beyond their max enjoyment level. The goats cheese and bacon pizza traveled the best of the 4. We also had a prosciutto and mortadella sandwich that was very good and their chicken with bacon sandwich was great. We also tried a few salads--chopped, tricolore, and their caesar like. They travel well but the dressing comes on the side and unless you have access to a large serving bowl to toss the salad, you're not going to be thrilled with the your dressing distribution. Also, the chopped salad comes with all the ingredients in their own little corners which makes serving (unless you have a large bowl) difficult. Also, I don't know if this is normal, but they didn't include any plates, napkins or utensils.
          It's a nice treat but very expensive for any lunch, let alone take away. It came out to about $28/person before tip without any drinks or dessert. For that money, I'd rather go to Campanile.

          1. re: Wolfgang

            do you think it would have been improved if you could have put it in the oven.

        2. Yeah, just to concur with other posts: the pizza really doesn't sustain more than 5 minutes, 10 absolute max. I suppose you could put it in the oven, but it's approaching a waste of time at that point. I've been disappointed with getting pizzas there, would only get non-pizzas at this point. Unless if picking up right away and eating on the hood of one's car. :)

          1. I've gotten 2go 4 or 5 times and, as mentioned, the pizzas MUST be reheated when you get them home. To attempt to eat them otherwise is a waste of (considerable) money. Reheating only takes a few minutes but brings them right back to near-original quality. I strongly advise that if you're not in a position to reheat, then don't order the pizzas, order something else.

            The paninis are good. I also really enjoy their caprese to go. Like many of their salads, they package the elements separately for you to combine/finish at home, which really helps maintain the restaurant quality of the dish.

            N.B. My personal experience has been that the 20 minutes for pick-up they quote on the phone is ambitious. When I've arrived at that exact time, I spent another 10 or so minutes waiting.