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Jan 28, 2010 08:44 PM

Authentic Southeast Asian restaurant needed.. - New Haven, CT

So, I have just started going to SCSU & am new to New Haven. For one of my classes I need to write a review on a Southeast Asian restaurant. Easy, right? There's plenty of places in New Haven I thought.. but now I can't decide! Plus I'm on a student's budget so I can't afford to try them all (although I would love to!).

Does anyone have any suggestions on where is most authentic or has amazing food?

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  1. Try Bentara for lunch one day they offer a 10% student discount M-Th
    I'd choose for an authentic sampling without breaking the bank:
    Tofu Sumbat or Rojak followed by either Nasi Lemak or Me Curry soup and order a ABC at the beginning of the meal as sort of a cooling drink/dessert. If you like spicy order everything either Medium or Regular, please do not order Mild, it guts the Malaysian taste of the food.
    Probably cost you about $20-25, well worth it.

    1. Avoid Pot au Pho onWhitney (Vietnamese), which is not good. Bentara is an excellent restaurant, but perhaps somewhat pricey for you, and anyway it's more elegant than "Southeast Asian" restaurants normally are (and thus not a typical, given your assignment). If you have transportation and can get up Whalley to Kari (the former Gunung Tahan), this is somewhat more down-market, both in price and in elegance, but still very good and interesting food (at least the last time I was there, which was not recently). Also Malaysian, but a different take on Malysia's many cuisines than Bentara. If you could possibly get to both of them, a comparative review would surely ace your assignment!

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        Kari, is gone, there is a new sign I think it is "Thai Place"

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          How sad. But I think there is still another alternative to Bentara, and at even more student-friendly prices: Warong Selera, 702B Boston Post Road, West Haven, CT 06516. Yet a third take on what "Malaysian food" means, and another possibility for a comparative review. For a little more information, see (always assuming this place hasn't closed, too.... at least it's included in the "Fearless Critic" book, which is fairly recent).

      2. Lao Sze Chuan in Milford is best Szechuan around CT...