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88 Wharf and Abby Park any oppinions?

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has anyone been to either of these spots? I am planning a birthday dinner for 3 and looking for something other than my usual haunts which are dbar and the Fat Cat.

How is the food, wine list, and available parking ? Any thoughts in the Dorchester and Milton area would be great! Thanks!

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  1. Haven't been to Abby Park yet, but 88 Wharf is quite good. Decent food, lots of options for drinks, nice bar. Parking isn't too bad, as there is a small lot across the way heading up toward Milton Village. Not my favorite restaurant of this kind (I like the Blue Ox in Lynn better), but not a bad spot at all.

    1. Have not made it to 88 Wharf yet, but my review of Abby Park is found here:


      1. I ate at 88 wharf last night. Not great. Weak paella, weak salads, I had a short rib paetzl main that got a B. Service was friendly but slow, slow for a room that was 60% full.

        The kicker was someone was got it their head to continually, adjust the dimmers over our line of table(by the window) so I thought I was entering the initial phases of a stroke ;)

        1. I like Abby Park. Have not been to 88 wharf.

          In Dorchester--I like Tavolo and they have a nice $18 three course dinner on Wed featuring different regions of Italy.

          1. Tried Abby park a couple of times. Real nothing special food is pretty mundane.