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Jan 28, 2010 06:39 PM

Lobster bake on the beach in southern Maine

Does anyone know of a restaurant/etc. that offers lobster bakes on the beach, that isn't a catered event? My family is planning a summer vacation near Wells Beach and would love to take part in this classic feast, but I'm having a hard time finding one. Also, one child is highly allergic to seafood, so a steak or grilled chicken option would be necessary.


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  1. You mean a restaurant with a beachfront location that does the whole lobster bake shebang? There aren't any that I know of. However, there are a few places that come close:

    Chauncey Creek ( sells lobster, and is on the water, but not the ocean. It's pretty rustic.

    Foster's ( is near the water, but not on it, but provides what is probably the closest you're going to get to a festive lobster bake without a caterer. They've got onsite horseshoes and volleyball, and a guy who does music and Maine-themed comedy.

    The kid with the allergies worries me, though. Just about every seafood place in the area does offer non-seafood options, but they can't always promise that every item hasn't come into contact with seafood/shellfish. Warren's ( is similar to Chauncey Creek and has a special allergy menu (on request), with foods that are prepared/stored on the other side of the kitchen. You may want to contact whichever restaurant you decide to in advance, or at the very least alert your server to the allergies, instead of just assuming the chicken is safe.

    Of course you're probably used to dealing with this sort of thing, but you really can't be too cautious in a dedicated seafood place.

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      It wasn't on the beach, but you might look for community benefit suppers. Last year we happened on a lobster benefit supper for the Tenants Harbor volunteer fire department. It was held outdoors next to a school. For $17 you also got your choice of mussels or crabs to go with the lobster, a drink and several sides (can't remember if it was chips and cole slaw or what but dessert was extra). I think they had hot dogs and hamburgers for the non-lobster eaters. The local newspapers carry info on benefit suppers and some sell tickets way in advance because the suppers sell out.
      Seating was a long tables under a tent. We enjoyed it very much. DH opted to buy a second lobster (no sides or extras) because, as usual, one wasn't enough.