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Jan 28, 2010 05:36 PM

Best Coffee, Breakfast and Brunch in Tallahassee

I'm having a hard time finding a breakfast spot in Tallahassee (and for that matter a decent hotel/bed and breakfast) Any suggestions? We are going to a wedding but we want to explore the best of the best in Tally....HELP!

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  1. Depends on where your wedding is located and what part of ton you want to stay in.
    If you're on the north side, you might want to consider Little English Guest House a B&B choice.

    It's very near Au Peche Mignon in Market Square which has very good coffee and pastries. For dining, across the parking lot from APM is Aria, an excellent Contintential cuisine restaurant. And nearby is Sage, with very good food as well.

    If you are downtown, the B&B is Governors Inn. There arealso a couple of new hotels, the Duval and the Aloft, both on Monroe. I cna't speak a to dining options at any of these 3 places. Coffee spots and breakfast on the weekend is probably non-existent in the vicinity of any downtown hotel. There is a Brueggers bagels up Monroe a ways and also the Canopy Roads Cafe just a mile or two further north, with a good breakfast. Dining downtown is always an adventure. Try Cypress or Urbane.

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      Urbane has been closed for awhile now.

      For breakfast on the North side, Another Broken Egg, Tally's Grille and Village Inn are decent for breakfast... depends on what you're after. Downtown is tough. Oddly enough, I've enjoyed quite a few breakfast meet-ups at Jim & Milts BBQ on P'cola (not downtown, but not too far). They have good eggs/grits, bisuits, gravy, etc.

      For dinner downtown, we've had a couple of decent meals at 101, during their happy hour... have never ordered an entree there, just their small plates. It's not amazing, but it's good and the price is right. A little further away, Cypress and Kool Beanz.

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        Urbane is closed????? We have dinner reservations there for graduation night. We've been to Cypress and Kool Beanz but not for awhile. Last time in town we ate at Food Glorious Food. The food was good but the service was awful. Is there anything new to rival Urbane?

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          I recently had a wonderful brunch here and it was really very reasonable. They had so many offerings on the menu from savory to sweet. Everything's was delicious too! I had a seafood omelet, my companion had grilled salmon, and we split beignets. The mimosa was a treat and the service excellent! Brunch is served Saturday& Sunday.

          Fusion Cafe
          1225 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32303

    2. I would suggest staying at the Hotel Duval. Its walking distance to Downtown and Midtown which have a few decent restaurants and bars. There is a local coffee shop, Redeye Coffee in Midtown Manor and a nice Irish Pub, Finnegan's Wake. Also in Midtown is Kool Beanz which serves local ingredients when available.

      1. We had such a disappointing brunch at Another Broken Egg the other week. Usually the place is fine-- nice enough, not great (I like the beignets and the blackberry grits). But this time it was downright bad. I got a biscuit and gravy-- dry biscuit; gravy like wallpaper paste. My husband got the grit cakes with Andouille ($8). They came out on a bread plate (seriously-- the plate was tiny) and looked a lot like vomit. It's rare that I've seen a dish this poorly presented, particularly for the price (other items priced this way seem to include more-- maybe there is an upcharge for the tiny amount of andouille in the sauce??). I mentioned my complaint to the waitress and she admitted the pricing on the menu is kind of strange but didn't offer to make amends (she was, though, quite nice). We will not go back any time soon.