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Where can a couple of 40-yo married guys go for drinks?

Haven't been "out" in a while, but we've both got the night off. Somewhere after work where we won't stick out in our casual friday attire but won't feel like we're two guys away from the kids for the night. WV, SoHo, Union Square. No Murray Hill, no UES. Food important (of course), but not a priority.

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  1. If you are looking for a true bar to "hang out" in this probably isn't want you want but if you are looking for a place to get a great drink and some food in a nice casual (albeit upscale) atmosphere then Gramercy Tavern - Tavern Room will be a great choice. You could also try CraftBar which makes great drinks.

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        That's a perfect recommendation for this purpose. Blue Smoke.

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          It is, except for the "no Murray Hill" stipulation.

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            actually i think it is gramercy. i think the poster means no joshua tree or mercury bar type places.

            i live nearby. we like to call it gramery or gramercy hill. not quite gramercy but definitely not murray hill.

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              I suppose a case could be made for that, and I agree that "Murray Hill" may refer to a type of bar, rather than the bar's location. But the only people I've heard call 27th St. "Gramercy" are realtors.

      2. Olana has a nice crowd where you won't "stick out" and I also agree with Grammercy Taavern.

        1. late to the party.

          the bar at Scarpetta is pretty good.

          1. I'll bring another take on this evening. You ARE away from the kids for the night. Take advantage of it. Go to Keens and get great steaks, then go to Ricks Cabaret. Or go to DBGB for sausages and beer, then go play pool at Ace Bar. Get out of control. Make bad decisions. Those are great stories. You go around once.

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              Oh Keens is a great idea. Great bar and great steaks.

            2. Go to Highlands in the West Village on W. 10th & Waverly. Drinks>Food, but it's a really nice drinking establishment with a nice mix of people. If you eat, focus on apps over mains.


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                Googled around for where to take my 40 something, single malt scotch lovin guy for brunch this Sunday.
                Great choice in Highlands. I'm liking this gastro-pub concept in general for low key but something a little different . I had Arbroath Smokie Kedgeree which translated into poached eggs on top of curried rice with smoked whitefish and a lot of pepper. It was great and really different tasting.
                Can't wait to go back for dinner.

              2. Burp Castle, on 7th between 2nd and 3rd ave. Quiet, excellent beer, kind of quirky, nothing to get in the way of drinking and having a conversation with your friends.

                If you and your guys get loud, though, it might not be the place. You will be shushed. There's a "quiet conversation" rule.

                Also, no food, but several times during the week they order from Pommes Frites down the block, and the frites are on the house.

                1. i know it's too late for this, but:

                  go to a good cocktail joint like pegu club or death & co or PDT. (death & co and PDT open at 6 and are never crowded early)