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Jan 28, 2010 05:00 PM

Color of dinnerware - turn on / turn off / don't care

I might be a lunatic, but this issue never bothered me before this christmas, and I'd like to hear opinions. I received a set of very beautiful pasta dishes, handpainted with a rustic design, pretty colors. Two combinations: blue bowl/ green outside, green bowl/ blue outside. Same combo with bright yellow/deep reddish orange.

Food in that blue-green bowl is just icky looking! Am I weird, or what? The bulk of my everyday dishes and ceramic cookware are black (I think food looks pretty on black dishes) and a serviceable set of white stoneware. My 'good' china is Villeroy/Boch Amapola, which is extremely colorful, even has some blue flowers on it, but it's not off-putting, at least to me - the middle of the plates are white, I think that makes a difference.

Am I the only weird one who gives a darn what color the plates are? And don't hesitate to say so, at least I'll know! Peace!

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  1. it sort of depends. if we're talking about a meal with several ingredients and/or components, simple is best, IMHO. when i look at my plate, i want to focus on the food without too many distractions from embellishments on the dinnerware because "busy" plates can just look messy, jumbled and unappetizing to me.

    but if it's something simple and mostly one color like a soup, or if it's a serving dish for hummus or some sort of spread (you get the idea), then the design on the dish won't bother me...unless, of course, it's just tacky or ugly :)

    1. I read somewhere here on chowhound that someone said that people are hardwired not to eat blue food because it indicates spoilage. Maybe the blue of the plate is affecting the little primitive reptile part of your brain?

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        Definitely a question for Martha Stewart

      2. My everyday dinnerware is white banded with a royal-navy blue and I think it makes a nice complement to the foods. Paler, greenier-blues and aquas put me right off, though.

        1. Can't speak to why food looks icky in the green/blue dishes, but I can say I don't like black dishes (sorry!). My sister has black dishes, and I find it very unappealing to eat off of them. My everyday dishes, which I bought many, many years ago, are white with a pattern of earthy green and yellow around the border, which looks okay, but if I were buying today, I do think I would buy plain white. I think I would like a dark solid-colored plate (red, blue, green) or bowl as an accent or serving piece only. I might like yellow plates if it were an earthy or mustardy yellow and not too bright or dark.

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            Interesting discussion. My parents have a set of dishes that come in solid colors. The plates are purple, green, blue, and yellow. Having eaten off these plates many times, I now have a ranking, from most to least appealing. For me, blue is by far the most appealing to eat from, followed by green, then purple, and then, trailing far behind, the yellow. For some reason it is very unappealing to me. From this thread it sounds like this is one of those personal preference things.

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              I agree with you about black dishes -- they'd probably be my last choice. My "everyday" dishes are white with cobalt blue bands.

            2. I really like the way a lot of foods look on black tableware, and then my second choice is white. But as far as what I have, I have mostly white, because I love porcelain and I have not found much in the way of plain black porcelain.

              One set of ceramic dinnerware I purchased a long time ago I was able to buy evenly in black and white. My SO prefers the white; I the black, so for many meals we are a black and white table.

              As far as colors go, some of my friends have fiestaware and I've eaten a lot of meals on their variety of colorful plates. Since these plates are solid colors, I have found I prefer some colors over others, mostly the really dark colors (don't know the correct fiesta color names), but some colors are dark purple and dark blue.

              I'm really not a fan of colorful patterns and then the way that food looks placed on top, so I can understand your reaction. Maybe check how salads versus pastas look in the blue/green combination to see if you can find a combination not off-putting to you? What kinds of food have you tried in the blue-green bowls?

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                I've put a lot of different foods in that blue pasta bowl, and it always turns me off! I eat/serve from shallow pasta plates all the time (I know that's another bone of contention on this board! ;-) but I just cannot get past that blue one! I think firegoat hit the nail on the head with the blue/green = spoiled (at least for me)

                lisavf - don't apologize, darlin!! This is exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for here! Recent circumstances in my life are allowing me to entertain a lot more at my home, and I'm so neurotic I have to make sure everything is perfect!

                Thanks all! Peace - Pam