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Jan 28, 2010 04:37 PM

non-nonstick waffler, sandwich maker, grill?


I found a great 3-in-1 grill that makes waffles, sandwiches and grilled stuff but the bummer is that it's a nonstick grill (It's a George Foreman 5-in-1, has got good reviews on Amazon, any feedback on that one?).

I'm looking for cast iron plates if possible. I've found individual items that do waffles, paninis etc but not all-in-one, and also these items I saw were for a gas cooktop whereas I'd be interested in exploring electric ones.

Anyone has a compact (ie multiple types in one), safe (non-teflon), easy (electric one with controls that would heat to desired warmth) solution? What I desire:

- Non -nonstick surface (no teflon)
- If you have used any such device for cooktop (non electrical) -- then please share your feedback! If electric ones are not feasible I'm willing to give it a shot if there is a decent success rate!
- In worst case I'd buy individual items for waffling, panini and grilling. So please share your experiences with those!

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  1. cookiekakie,
    I do not have any suggestions, but I am also looking for an electric non-nonstick sandwich maker, one of those that seal a sandwich all around and cut it in half. I grew up on those sandwiches and want to make them for my kids, but without the nasty teflon. If you come across one, would you please let me know?

    1. I just went through the process of looking for a non-nonstick waffle iron. What I discovered is that there isn't a new one available for less than $200 or so. I ended up with this: (a Universal EA-3001 from the '30s) which I found at the Alameda Point flea market for $20. It has a cast aluminum heating plate and makes the best waffles I've ever had. I saw a bunch of similar waffle irons and sandwich presses on eBay when I was looking.