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Jan 28, 2010 04:09 PM

Fat Greek( :-( ) and La Habana Cuban Rest.(??) on Oahu

Due to the need for an auto oil change, found myself ordering takeout from The Fat Greek. I can honestly say it was the worst Greek food I've ever had. The dolmathes had some kind of brown rice in them that was a taste killer. The gyro meat looked and tasted like burned meatloaf chunks. Everywhere else in America that I've been uses the gigantic beef and lamb cylinder supplied by Athenos foods and a vertical grill to produce an acceptable, if rather standardized gyro. Does this system occur at any rest. in Oahu? I long for a REAL gyro!

Another question: after ordering and paying at the Fat Greek, I noticed La Habana next door. Has anyone been? The prices are kind of high for a hole in the wall with an open-air "patio"(entrees $8-16), but I put this down to them just starting up. Though the menu was limited, some dish descriptions sounded interesting. Can anyone provide any info. on La Habana? Or anyone willing to try it and report?

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  1. It's actually La Havana (still waiting for their sign).
    The #5 Shrimp dish is very good along with the Chicken soup and Empanadas.

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      Thanks for the feedback. We'll give it a try. However, the take-out menu says "La Habana..."

    2. Did you ever find your gyro? I saw one of those columns of gyro meat today spinning on a vertical spit at a food stand in front of Don Quixote Supermarket. It was called Leo's Taverna. I'm pretty sure it was the Athenos type you described, they even had the gyros posters, that must come with the product. I did not try the food, but I hope that helps.

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          That Leo's Taverna stand is in front of the Don Quixote on Kaheka St. - behind Ala Moana Mall. If you get a chance to swing over there, let us know how it is.

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            Went to Leo's: not bad. They do have a real (Kronos) gyro rotator, as you said. They were so busy Sat. at noon that the meat had no time to get crisped like I like it. The best part was the very good, very garlicky yoghurt sauce. Leo is Armenian and owns the middle eastern rest. at Hotel and Bishop (sorry, I didn't catch the name). Unfortunately, the moussaka was NOT GOOD: rubbery bechamel sauce is not my thing. And no eggplant! Maybe it is the Armenian version. But I'll be back when I need a gyro fix (until a better place comes along). THANKS wanderlust21.

      1. la Habana is still managed by a rather unstable person who can't decide if he wants cuban, mexican or irish food. he has changed the name time and again, and the food is at best mediocre.

        As for Fat Greek, I wouldn't call it great, but it's not a whole lot different than Olive Tree in Kahala.

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          Anyone have any updates on good gyros here in Oahu?
          Like Joebob, I also crave a "real" gyro and haven't found any here. I also like my meat crispy and plenty of yogurt/cucumber sauce.
          It is something I get cravings for here. When I travel to the mainland I try to get my Greek food then, but it's ridiculous to wait that long.
          Any suggestions?

          1. re: gourmandgal

            There is/was a truck near the South end of the Fort St. mall that turns out a pretty good gyro, but I haven't been back in about 6 mo.

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              i do have a suggestion, and if you work downtown or nearby, its an easy one. there's this little place called "the deli" in the hallway of the building on the block between merchant and king on the DH side of alakea (i usually enter off king):


              only open for lunch on weekdays, its the best, most stuffed gyro i've had here - ironically, prepped by japanese (?) ladies. i usually get the gyro plate (which comes with a side of lentils) and build my own, mostly bc i like to play with my food. but they stuff 'em pretty good when u order them wrapped, and the flavors are all there. i like it more than Leo's, which is a halfway decent, if not commonplace, gyro. The Deli puts some nice hummus and tabouli on there too, just a touch more class. can only vouch for the gyro, havent branched out.

              regarding the fat greek, i never get their gyro - super skimpy for the $. but i must admit i love their schwarma -- i consider it an alternative burger. throw some of their really nice greek salad on there, and douse it with their uber delicious hot sauce, and thats a tasty treat. i dont branch out from that too much...i find their falafel to be a bit mushy, but my SO loves it there. overall, i think the flavors at the fat greek are pretty good, but like i said, i stick to the schwarma.

              also, while def not a gryo, the DONER SHACK downtown is very delicious. actually, its not a true doner either, as lamb would def be involved as well as some other really delicious pickles and salads, but these guys do a good job with chicken and beef in the style of a turkish doner. they used to be next to the SOHO bar, but now there's some philly cheesesteak guy. i *heard* they moved into maunakea marketplace (interesting) but this will have to be verified. if you can find them, Get the "downtown doner" with the mixed meat and everything in it - you will stuffed and happpy - welcome to flavor country.