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Jan 28, 2010 03:37 PM

Shrimp Salad Sandwich

What is the best type of shrimp to use for shrimp salad. The last time I made it I used a larger shrimp and it got lost.

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  1. Hiya! Not sure exactly what you mean by 'got lost,' but if it helps, I use pretty large shrimp, boiled in a tasty liquid (lots of Old Bay and lemons, juice them and add the juiced lemon shells, too). I keep the shells on when I boil them. I undercook them a bit, or add ice to the pot, so I can let them sit for awhile to soak up the flavor. Drain and peel. I chop them into three or four pieces, depending on size (about half-inch pieces)

    In addition, in case you're interested, I make a thicker version of remoulade for the dressing - sorry, no recipe, I just wing it to my taste - tons of recipes out there. Pile on buttered, toasted hot dog buns like a lobster roll. Or serve in endive leaves, tomato cups, or on lettuce. Yummy!

    1. Since you're going to chop the shrimp, I don't see where size matters. Cook it in a tasty medium (water, white wine, bay leaf, peppercorn, that have been simmered together for 15 minutes, or so). Don't overcook the shrimp. Cool, peel, chop. Add a little mayo, minced celery and shallot, S&P, maybe a tiny bit of very finely minced hot pepper, and you're good to go.

      1. use a medium size shrimp (mediums are sweeter than larger ones), poached in the shell in a court bouillon. use julia child's shrimp cocktail technique. this is similar , but i don't think you need to cook the shrimp that long. once the pot comes to a boil, i turn it off, then let it sit and cool. i think the shrimp get better when they sit in the cooled stock in the fridge for a while.

        a good addition to the salad is surimi (i know...i know...heresy), but it makes it "shrimpier" -- at least that's my opinion.

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          darn good idea, alkapal! shredded surimi would fill in the salad and make it less, um, drippy (?). I don't mind surimi at all when it's mixed with other stuff. I'm going to have to try that - thanks for the tip!

          1. re: southern_expat

            i would never have thought of it myself, but there is a shrimp salad that i love made with surimi, celery, etc. by harris teeter grocery store. i grab some when i get that craving (and to top it off in decadence, i eat it on a croissant!). i never realized it had surimi, until one day i looked at the ingredient list (DOH!). the dressing has a little tang to it, so i'm wondering if it may have a little sour cream in addition to some mayo. now i'll have to check it out more carefully.

            1. re: alkapal

              I have made one similar, I make it with a remoulade and like you add the surimi and tiny chopped celery and a grated hard boiled egg or two. A dash of red pepper, lemon juice over the fresh sea food., the remoulade mixed with all. Butter and grill croissants, and then use bibb lettuce. Did you give me this recipe?

              1. re: chef chicklet

                That sounds awesome. Now I'm craving a shrimp salad sandwich!!

                1. re: chef chicklet

                  no, chef c, but yours sounds right tasty!

            2. re: alkapal

              What? Fake shrimp has no place in shrimp salad. If you want to make a "fake shrimp salad," be my guest, but don't add this stuff to the real deal.

              1. re: pikawicca

                the salad to which i refer is primarily shrimp, but has some surimi. maybe that still is verboten in your mind, but i liked the taste of it.

                what i'm talking about is shrimp salad for a sandwich (and the shrimp are cut up). i might (probably would) omit the surimi if it's a straightforward "shrimp" salad where the shrimp are left whole and very lightly dressed -- where they are the "star" of the luncheon plate presentation.

                1. re: alkapal

                  I found that the best source for tiny fresh pink shrimp is at a Mexican market here in town. I love the sweetness of the tiny shrimp.

            3. in addition to my remarks above, i want to stress the absolute importance of using wild-caught U.S. gulf of mexico shrimp. pink shrimp are the ones i like. gulf shrimp are the best, tastiest shrimp. i buy them typically flash frozen, shell on. unless you're on the gulf coast (and sometimes even then) the flash frozen shrimp are "fresher" than the "fresh never frozen" at the fish counter.

              i don't buy the thai or vietnamese shrimp -- they taste less shrimpy and more medicinal to me. plus, the farming techniques are very unappealing.

              i am a shrimp snob, having grown up in s.w. florida. but the star ingredient in shrimp salad should be the best available.

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              1. re: alkapal

                Alkapal, do you have a favorite brand of frozen shrimp? The best I've had came from Stew Leonard's, but I don't live near one so can't shop there regularly. (My very patient boyfriend agreed to stop there on a drive home through CT.)

                1. re: herring

                  herring, i just look for the words "wild caught gulf shrimp" and check that it is a product of the USA. i haven't really paid attention to the brand name. next time i'm at the grocery, i'll take a look and post back.

                  1. re: alkapal

                    I stand with you, AP on buying wild-caught Gulf shrimp.

                    1. re: alkapal

                      herring, the brand i last bought from the giant grocery store was "wild seas," and it is in a predominantly blue bag in the frozen seafood section. look at the circular here:

                      1. re: alkapal

                        Thanks! I don't live near a Giant, but will see if my local stores carry the Wild Seas brand (assuming it's an independent brand). I also just noticed on my last trip that Trader Joe's carries wild caught Gulf shrimp, so maybe I'll start there. Thanks again.

                  2. re: alkapal

                    Are those the same as Mexican White Shrimp? Our local newspaper claims those are the best, freshest & with best flavor.........

                    1. re: alkapal

                      Agree re wild shrimp. At my supermarket I can get Emeril's frozen wild caught American shrimp from Louisiana.

                    2. Might I suggest grilling, instead of boiling, your shrimp?

                      Adds a nice dimension to shrimp salad, no matter what recipe you end up using.

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                      1. re: ipsedixit

                        Once you've got your recipe down, try serving in boats made of hollowed-out ripe avocados. Wonderful texture combination.

                        1. re: pasuga

                          yes, the shrimp salad in an avocado boat is delicious. it's a very pretty presentation and the texture contrast is very appealing.