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Jan 28, 2010 03:28 PM

Valentines Day help PLEASE :)

OK… I have a tall order….

I need a place to go to for Valentines Day (North Jersey Bergen, Passaic, Essex co). I’ll be going with my girlfriend, her daughter (age 17), and her daughters’ friend I’m looking for a nice place… with some type of entertainment.

I want to surprise them :)

Please… throw any suggestions at me.


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  1. Culin Ariane
    33 Walnut Street Montclair, NJ
    Not open sundays, but maybe for V-day.

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    1. re: AC Captain

      is that the restaurant from former top chef contestant Ariane? How was your experience there?

      ....also if you are going towards more entertainment side rather than fine dining, what about some hibachi type restaurant like Mt. Fuji? (the NY location has a dramatic location)

      or may I dare suggest Medieval Times? I don't know how you feel about that, but its fun in a corny way.

    2. Amandas in Hoboken has Romantic setting, good food. But no entertainment:

      At the other end of the spectrum is the famed Maxwells. It has entertainment:

      Both are in Hoboken.

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      1. re: Quimbombo

        But unless the show at Maxwell's is all ages, the kids won't get to see the show

        1. re: roro1831

          I stand corrected. I just noitced the 17 year old.

          My bad.

        2. re: Quimbombo

          I think the crowd at Amanda's will be mostly couples, based on past Valentine's Day dinners I've been to. Excellent restaurant though; we're going again this year.

        3. Honestly I think it's tough doing Valentine's day with your significant other and her daughter and friend. What about doing the night before? Now I'm just throwing this out there so don't kill me here, someplace like the Melting Pot might work. It's a good place to sit and talk, the food I don't find bad, but it can be a bit pricey

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          1. re: roro1831

            Thanks all!
            Price is not an issue... It just may be the two of us... but if the daughter goes she would have a guy friend (so I can keep an eye on them lol).

            How about a good steak place?

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Imo, good entertainment AND good food are a bit hard to find in the same place. In any case, you should definitely make sure they're open--I know it's VD, but it's also Monday.

              Mexicali Live in Teaneck has entertainment...just depends on who it is--you'll have to look @ their calendar. Others will have to weigh in on food options.

              Bistro 55 on Rt 17 in Rochelle Park doesn't have entertainment, but has good food and a good vibe.

              Go to A Mano in Ridgewood where you can at least watch the pizzaolo making those beautiful pies--in 90 seconds or so.

              Sabor Peru in Rutherford has good food in a lively setting--and is BYO.

              A Mano
              Ridgewood, NJ, Ridgewood, NJ

              Sabor Peru
              8 Highland Cross, Rutherford, NJ 07070

              Bistro 55
              55 Route 17 South, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662