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Jan 28, 2010 02:57 PM

Denver Restaurant for a Solo Dinner, Maybe Asian?

I have to deliver my teenage son to an event downtown this weekend, and SO is out of town, so I'm considering having a solo dinner in the downtown area, someplace that SO wouldn't want to go to, but that I would. I'd like to go somewhere not too busy or pretentious, that I could go and take my time, and that's not necessarily too expensive.

Japanese (sushi), Indian, Vietnamese - any suggestions along these lines? I'm considering Sushi Sasa, Z Cuisine or A Cote, or Osteria Marco. I know, the last two aren't Asian, but for some reason, SO has always vetoed them. Do either of those restaurants, or others, have bar seating where I might be more comfortable eating by myself on a weekend?

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  1. You could do the sushi bar at Sushi Sasa. I think Osteria Marco has a bar you could sit at too, but not positive.

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      Yes, OM has a bar (as do all these places). I've walked in solo without a reservation and eaten at all of these places and had great experiences.

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        Domo has sushi but also just really good Japanese home cooking, great at this time of year.