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Apr 13, 2005 11:36 AM

Musso & Frank vs. Dan Tana's

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Torn for dinner tonight between Musso and Frank versus Dan Tana's. Any thoughts? thanks.

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  1. I prefer Musso's for the charm alone....

    1. Musso & Frank. The Old Hollywood vibe will always be much cooler than anything in WeHo or Beverly Hills.

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      1. re: Ernie

        love em both: m & f for lunch & dt's for dinner.

        dan tana's vibe is weho with serbian undertones (owner's real name Dobrivoje Tanasijevic).

      2. definitely dan tana's. went to musso's for nostalgia's sake a few weeks ago with friends. utterly average food; nobody had a single dish that was exceptionally good. more of a theme-park restaurant at this point in it's life, resting on its laurels & the quasi-charming fact that the menu's remained unchanged since 1918 or whenever... on the other hand, dan tana's is at once traditional & lively, and the food's always very good. imho

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        1. re: foodluvr

          Did you order steaks or chops at M&F? The porterhouse and NY steak at M&F is reliably good, and the hearts of romaine with roquefort is excellent.

        2. DT's by a mile, but stick to the steak. Musso's is a tired joke. Yeah, the waiters are old and grumpy but they're also bad. The food is better at the nearby Wax Museum.

          1. Both places have their pluses and minuses. I think Musso's will be considerably cheaper. I'm one of those who thinks Dan Tana's steak is among the absolute best, and you definitely pay for that. Definitely listen to all the advice about what to order and what not to order.

            The food at Musso's, on a good day, comes in between the Grill and the Daily Grill in quality, closer to The Grill in price. But it feels like pre-war Hollywood in there, and damn those martinis are amazing.