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Jan 28, 2010 02:31 PM

Percy Street Barbecue

Had the opportunity to try Percy Street last week. Had a great time.

My wife and I both had the "double down" which includes two types of meat and two sides each. I've read complaints about the price, but four separate meats and four separate sides @ $17 each at a restaurant is too expensive? You'd have to eat exclusively at Chinatown to think that's a lot of money. And we had to take home a good bit of the food at the end of the night.

As a sausage maker myself, I thought the smoky sausages were great--juicy and flavorful. I've heard rumblings of a cheese and jalapeno variety on the horizon, which happens to be one of the favorites of my Austinite pals. The brisket was juicy, the burnt ends rocked, and the ribs were succulent.

Honestly, I'm no expert in bbq. I smoke my own pork shoulders, ribs, & sausages, but I have no first hand experience with real TX 'cue. But I could tell that great care went into all the meats. And frankly, the only thing I really care about is this--was it delicious? We certainly thought it was. The sides were all pretty solid, but the real standout was the root-beer chili. Good stuff.

I wasn't terribly thrilled with the Manhattan I had as seemed shaken instead of stirred, but that's a personal thing. And our waiter hung on our every word until he became harder and harder to track down. I think at one point he said he'd find out the "seasonal brew" and never did. He seemed overwhelmed, which considering the timing of our dinner (early Friday evening into the full-on dinner rush) wasn't completely surprising. Still, it was a serious misstep that we couldn't find him for so long.

If I had any suggestions about dining at Percy, it's that you leave your preconceptions at home and dig into as many of the meats and sides as you can. We were stuffed to the point where we had to retreat to Chicks for some serious digestifs. Phoebe did a great job as always custom crafting our drinks, but that's another story.

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  1. I enjoyed Percy. The son and I had the brisket and the pork belly. I much preferred the brisket as the pork belly wasn't what I'd expected. The pork belly was white with no color or texture. I was expecting like a thick succulent cut of bacon. Brisket had the right amount of smoke flavor while still allowing the taste of the meat to come out. Nice. My son (12) liked it all. The bourbon tasting was excellent too. I real treat. I liked the space with all of the nice touches of Americana.

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      The two of us went with three meats (brisket, pork belly, and sausage) and two sides (collards and mac and cheese), all were tasty, and we brought lots of meat home for leftovers.

      I agree with Chinon00 on the expectation of the pork belly.... So, I will pass on the pork belly when I return, and stick to the brisket and the sausage and maybe try the ribs.

      My only complaint of the whole place was that we were in and out in under 40 minutes. Since all the BBQ is already smoked, food comes out quickly, which is nice, I guess, but I just wasn't prepared for a Friday night dinner to be over so fast!

    2. I stopped by Percy Street for some take out. I brought back a whole chicken, ribs, and sausage. I couldn't make out the rubs used and the chicken and ribs tasted a bit gamey. Their sause wasn't anything to write home about. I was far from impressed. I don't think I will be heading back.

      I like Sweet Lucy's in NE Philly. Even though I am not a huge fan of Lucy's sause, their meats are great without it. That is the true test of good BBQ, how does it taste before the sause goes on.

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      1. re: lone369

        You should try their brisket before writing them off--that is their specialty.

        1. re: barryg

          and you should dine in. i went their for the first time for takeout and liked it, but knew i'd have to go back and eat in for the final judgment. the difference was amazing, and i think you should give it one more try (and also be in a texas state of mind, not carolina, when you go back).