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Jan 28, 2010 02:07 PM

Review of Maya Taqueria on Vanderbilt

Went there last night. They've been open 2 weeks. The owner is Californian and, "after eating at 45 or 50 places," reckoned NYC needed a Cali-style taqueria.

The tacos are generously filled with your choice of meat/veg on corn tortillas with fresh salsa. Unfortunately we found the meat choices (we tried beef and steak) to be a bit dry and flavourless. The fish tacos had tater-tot-like fish bits, that tasted a little too fishy, with some spicy mayo. The nachos grande (we had them with refried beans & corn rather than meat) were good in a cheesy way; same for the mushroom quesadilla (v. thick and cheesy, saved by a lot of fresh salsa in the middle).

I saw a spicy shrimp burrito being made and wished I had gotten that instead. I'll give it another try as there's such a need for good Mexican in the neighbourhood, but I hope it gets a bit better.

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  1. Why not hit the place on Washington Ave. by Prospect Pl.? Tacos Muertos I believe it's called. Something Muertos.

    1. Only 6 months behind here but the spicy shrimp burrito here is awesome! It is REALLY spicy, filling and delicious. Hope you get a chance to go back and try it.

      1. The food is excellent and tasty, but the guys behind the counter are very goofy and manage to confuse your order. I have given up! Last time I was there some one ordered tofu burritoes with out the wraps, they made them with the wraps. I ordered a beef burritto and a chicken burritto. They gave me the tofu ones. I called when I got home and the person who answered the phone yelled at me and said I shoudl have checked them before I left. My husband ate pizza... As far as tofu burritoes go these were not bad.... but!