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Jan 28, 2010 01:50 PM

White Plains for lunch

looking for lunch place similar to atmosphere of the new Haiku in white Plains - any type of food is ok , except for Indian. No chains please, i.e. cheesecake factory

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  1. Consider Antipasti, in the office complex at the corner of Main St. and Broadway, near Panera. For lunch, the menu is reasonable. Excellent brick oven pizza, which you might not expect to see on the menu at all when you see the upscale dining area of Antipasti.

    Also, I know the place has taken a ribbing from people in the past, but Zanaro's (also Italian) at the corner of Mamaroneck and Main is a good value for lunch, and the food is vastly improved from around a year ago.

    1. may not have the atmosphere you seek, ie may not want to take clients, but if just looking for good food at lunch both melt and the turkish restaurant are very good on mamaroneck ave.

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      1. re: rich51

        c heck the recent reviews of the Turkish place. Sounds like it is deteriorating quickly. MELT is wonderful, but not atmsophere.

        1. re: debmom

          I've done both and think they're great! Both, though are far from atmosphere at Haiku- not conducive to seating(melt has none if I remember, and Turkish has only few, and just not the atmosphere I'm looking for. thanks anyway for suggesting 2 of my fave's in White Plains- just not for this company.

          1. re: yeshana

            is antipasti even open still? try peniche. always good...

            1. re: cubanat

              Antipasti is still open, and I second Peniche.

              1. re: wincountrygirl

                ooo, peniche, I haven't even been there- will do. thanks! any ordering recs?

                1. re: wincountrygirl

                  oh man... just went onto their site- no lunch- opens at 4pm!

                  1. re: yeshana

                    Antipasti is open for lunch so that might be worth a shot.

                2. re: cubanat

                  antipasti will not be around for much longer. A lower priced level restaurant is going in

                  1. re: wplady

                    not surprising antipasti was poor

                    1. re: wplady

                      Where did you hear Antipasti is closing? I was just there for lunch, and they're still open. I don't know how they keep operating, or at least how they sustain being open for lunch -- there is NEVER anyone there. The quiet is nice, and I can enjoy my chicken marsala pizza in peace, but I can't imagine how they turn a profit being open midday!

                      1. re: kingleer

                        Management in the building. The negotiations have been going on with the new place for a few months. An italian place from Throgs Neck is coming.

                        1. re: wplady

                          I guess it's officially over for Antipasti. I received this email today:

                          "This is a brief message to say THANK YOU for your support and let you know that Antipasti has closed its doors and will reopen again under new management as Patricia's of White Plains with great food and incredible ambiance, we hope to serve you in the future."

                          1. re: kingleer

                            Thanks for the info, kingleer.I love Patricia's on Morris Park Ave. Hope they are able to bring to WP the same menu, food, prices and low key atmosphere.

                            1. re: mrsdebdav

                              It's Patricia's of Tremont (Throggs Neck) that is opening in White Plains. Patricia's of Tremont and Morris Park broke away from each other a few years ago. The Throggs Neck location is excellent. Eat their often and done a lot of catering from them over the years

                  2. re: yeshana

                    Melt has several tables indoors and, when the weather is nicer, several outside on the sidewalk too. Not to suggest that it's "like Haiku," but I just want to make sure other people reading this thread at a later date know that there is in fact seating at Melt.

                  3. re: debmom

                    agree with debmom on MELT. Great sandwiches, not big on atmosphere. What about Tango Grill?

                    1. re: Sammy Diaz

                      YUUUMMMMYYY! Very crowded on weekdays and impossible to get a table to munch on your"golden" sandwich, or pizza at lunchtime! Too bad- he should expand.

                      1. re: yeshana

                        I love the fact that MELT isn't fancier or bigger! Leave it be so they can continue to make the best sandwiches in the area. I do love the fact that you don't want chains though. I didn't care for atmosphere of Haiku but each to their own. So where did you end up? For a nice place with decent food try the lounge at ritz carlton. much nicer then blt and service is exceptional. casual yet elegant type of vibe...

                        1. re: cubanat

                          oh, we went back to Haiku- my friend wanted to try it- it was actually better this time- still seeking the right place. BTW- the goat cheeses pizza at melt was mind boggling good!!!

                          1. re: yeshana

                            Wow, now that's a pizza I will have to try!!

                            1. re: wincountrygirl

                              Salad pizza at MELT was pretty darn awesome too.

                              And my teenage son thinks the Philly cheesesteaks are better than the ones from Philly.

                3. Are walking or driving? How much time do you have?

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                  1. re: Charlie B

                    Driving . Again this week in white Plains for lunch. What are your thoughts? Turkish and MELT are too small/low key. A lot of others are too fancy- no white tablecloths please. Is there anything in the middle range of those??

                    1. re: yeshana

                      I love Porter House for a casual but not too causal lunch. Best turkey burger I've ever had plus a menu filled with good salads, sandwiches, plus the usual pub food as well. Service is friendly and the food usually comes out pretty fast.

                      Porter House
                      169 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

                      1. re: momof3

                        I agree on Porterhouse. Very good burgers and service.

                        How about the tapas place (can't think of the name) across from the overpriced Tango Grill, Bengal Tiger, Buon Amici on Central Ave., or Sam's of Gedney Way?

                  2. there are half dozen "Irish Pub -style" restaurants on Mamaroneck Ave all clustered between Maple and Post, each is a good spot, decent food, reasonable prices, would take a walk around and find a menu you like.

                    1. My go to place is Francesco's on Mamaraneck Ave (by Dunkin Donuts). Old italian place, so the ambiance isn't great, but it's got character. Great Penne a la vodka and Broccoli Rabe with sausage over penne (oh and the pasta fagioli when they have it). Open for lunch during the week.