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Jan 28, 2010 01:48 PM

Bachelor party - and dropping balls

So I have dropped the ball a bit on my friend's bachelor party and could use some help. I was in charge of finding restaurants, but forgot, and we are on our way to the airport now. We have ten people in our group, and mostly want cheap good food, but have time for one nicer meal. We are staying near the French quarter, but will travel for food. If you could point me to your favorite posts or make suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You're on the way to the airport and you're asking now? haha...

    Anyway, For a nicer meal you could try Galatoire's on Friday night. That's the rowdy night plus it's right on Bourbon street so you can act stupid when you're done with dinner.

    If you're going to be there tonight (Thurs) find out if Kermit Ruffins is playing at Vaughn's and take a cab over there. You'll have a blast.

    Cheap local food: Napoleon House, Johnny's Po-Boys, ACME Oyster, Cafe Maspero on Decatur, Central Grocery for lunch...

    If you're there for brunch on Sunday I suggest Lil Dizzy's in Treme for your crew.

    Have fun and come back and tell us what you ended up doing.

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      I agree with Napoleon house (get a Pimm's Cup), Johnny's, Maspero and Lil Dizzy's for the inexpensive meals.

    2. Commander's Palace, which is a really traditional "old-school" New Orleans restaurant that's been around since the 19th century (great service, in the Garden District, the family that owns it is) used to have an amazing deal for lunch where all martinis are 25 cents each. I'd call first to make sure they're still running the special, but this is a nice way to start an afternoon if you're in town for a bachelor party.

      I second the rec for Galatoire's on Friday and Acme Oyster House for a good, cheap meal in the Quarter (they do oyster shooter shots as well) if your group likes fried seafood. For burgers and strong tropical drinks, hit Port of Call ( Clover Grill is my absolute favorite drunk eating, late night spot for delicious diner food...they're also used to seeing plenty of antics there, so it's probably perfect for a group of bachelor party guys ( They have a tongue-in-cheek menu with things like the Clover Weenie "1/4 pound of pure Beef Pleasure."

      If you are interested in local music at all, check out the Marigny nabe (within walking distance of the French Quarter) where there's a bunch of places on and around Frenchman St. that have local bands -- if you're into microbrewed beer, the bar "dba" has a nice selection of brews (, which aren't so easy to come by on Bourbon Street. Pick up the Gambit (local free paper) to see who is playing where and to get an idea of what's going on around town.

      Otherwise, Bourbon St. is pretty much bachelor party central - strip clubs, places w/cover bands and dancing, giant hurricanes/beers/daquiris. Pat O'Briens is the best place for Hurricanes and they have a heated outdoor patio that's fun too.

      1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. At was tough to find restaurants that pleased everyone in my party -- and we had a few misses, but overall we did alright.

        On Thursday night we had a very late dinner at Coop's. I'd been there before and loved it, but it came up short that night. The gumbo and the red beans and rice were good, but the shrimp creole was flavorless and the jambalaya wasn't a crowd pleaser either.

        On Friday we had a late breakfast at Stanley and it was a hit. I loved the eggs benedict po'boy. Everyone liked it so much that while half our party was sleeping in on Saturday, the other half actually went back for seconds. I was excited to try the Korean Po'Boy. It was interesting, but not something I would want to eat a lot of. On our walk home we stopped by Central Grocery to try a Muffuletta. I had read some mixed reviews about it, but I thought it was actually quite good.

        On Friday night, unfortunately, I did not take y'alls advice. In the end I was too worried that Galatoire's was going to be too expensive for my friends. There were ten people and they seemed to have come up with every requirement in the book for our dinner. They wanted something cheap, tasty, close, with a healthy option, with a vegetarian option, and cheap. All of the good food in the quarter seems to either be fried or expensive. We ended up going to Drago's and no one was particularly happy with it. The char grilled oysters really just taste like parmesan and butter (not that there is anything wrong with that) and all of the entrees were disappointing. The restaurant has the feel of Vegas food factory. The worst of it was that I think we probably could have gone to Galatoire's for the same price. Oh well, live and learn.

        We were very pleasantly suprised to find that the po'boy shop around the corner from our house, Gene's, made delicious sandwhiches. It might have been the booze, or the fact that it was 7AM, but the philly tasted great to me.

        On Saturday, we went to lunch at Buffa and had great burgers. They were even nice enough to put a fried egg on mine.

        Sunday for brunch we had a good meal at Cafe Rose Nicaud. Nothing was spectacular, but the food was good.

        Finally, on Sunday, after all of my friends left, I went to four restaurants to try a few items I couldn’t drag all of them to. I went to Café Dumonde for a frozen coffee (the line was too long for a beignet). I went to the gumbo shop for a cup of gumbo. I went to Galatoire's to try the turtle soup, which I had never had before. The ambiance at Galatoire’s was pretty fun, but the soup was actually kind of bland. I thought I was done, but there was a huge saints celebration going on and Oceana was selling red beans and rice in front of their restaurant, and I couldn’t pass up a to-go bowl of red beans and rice. They were surprisingly good.

        All in all it was a good eating trip considering that wasn’t the point of the trip. Thanks again for the tips.

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          Considering you had to satisfy such a broad range of tastes and needs it sounds like you did really well.

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            Wow, you had a crew. I hosted similar, many years back. My wife called the room and said that we needed a table for 13 at Commander's for that night. There was some event in town, but I pulled strings and got that table. When we arrived, three of our guests wanted some sort of wiken, or level 5 vegan diet stuff. The server was not ruffled, and said, "dawlin' at Commander's Palace, we do food the New Orleans way - we ain't got no health-mark, or any vegan stuff. If you don't see it on the menu, maybe y'all should go elsewhere." That is the way that it is. While there are alters to most of the saints, you seldom find any Druid stone circle monuments there. You did very well, indeed. Ninety percent of our crew enjoyed their meals. For the level 5 vegans, I really do not care. One can only do so much, and I had called in every "chip," that I had, just to get a table for 13.

            My hat's off to you,