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Jan 28, 2010 01:29 PM

Boston Hound Chow Down @ SF Chinatown

I am a foodie. A wicked good curse if ever there were. SF Chinatown. Give it up. I am in town next week and I am a hot hand with the chopsticks. Szechuan, Hunan, Taiwainese, whatcha got SF? Where do the Asians go? Thank you. GO SOX!

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    1. re: alanbarnes

      I like Z&Y on Jackson St for Sichuan. Not many Taiwanese places in C-Town, except for the one on Columbus & Broadway. Most of C-Town serves up Cantonese cuisine.

      Just stay away from House of Nanking. You hardly see any self-respecting Chinese person eating there, so that gives you an idea.

    2. Go to R & G Lounge on Kearny bet. Sacramento and Clay. Make a reservation, very popular, esp with Chinese. (I specify upstairs -- don't like to eat in the windowless basement.)

      The thing everyone gets there is really FRESH crab in shell -- salt & pepper batter on outside. They always have LIVE crab there.

      1. If you want the best Chinese restaurants in San Francisco, don't limit yourself to Chinatown. Head out to the Richmond district, or to Millbrae (near SF airport).