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Jan 28, 2010 01:17 PM

Quality Local Beef - Where to find?

Looking for a local farmer to buy good beef. Any suggestions? Where do you look?
Is there a place where these guys are rated? Open for suggestions or reviews!

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    1. Most farmers markets have a meat vendor thats "local," but you usually have to get it frozen at the market. If that doesnt bother you then check out Eco Friendly Foods (at many area farmers markets...they also have Web site). Personally I dont buy their stuff because its crazy expensive but they sell to 2941,Cityzen, Zaytinya and a ton of other famous restaurants, so I guess its good.

      Also at farmers markets is Cibola Farms, which has good buffalo meat but no beef I think. Good beef at the organic butcher in mclean as well, which i believe is local.

      1. Hickory Chance sells at the JFX farmer's market and has consistently impressed me:

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          Mt. Airy Meat Locker in Mt. Airy, MD. Local pork, sausage and beef. Also, Shriver's Meats in Emmitsburg MD has excellent local beef. Shriver's is a full service packing house with USDA inspectors on site that deals only in beef.

        2. I am not going to post the name of my source on this public forum, for fear of overwhelming him. I wanted local, grass or grain fed beef (but beef guaranteed fed with NO animal by-products) and I just searched on the web. I found a wonderful local source, and every fall we get 1/8th of a beef (just 2 of us so a quarter is a bit too big) You might do a similar search if you want to buy more than a couple cuts at a time, there ARE local folks producing good quality beef.

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            Why not post the name and give your source the business? Really, you're just being selfish here. I don't think it's a matter of "overwhelming" your source, but more that you want to ensure your 1/8 cow. The OP wants to know sources, not an anonymous account of your beef. Be a CH'er and share! I mean, "good for you", but share. That's what this forum is for.
            Mr. MV and I were recipients of 2 Porterhouse steaks and a pound of ground beef from Hollin Farms in VA. We grilled the Porterhouses last night and WOW! From the marbling to the taste, we're probably going to buy.
            I'm going to make hamburgers with the ground beef, and am really looking forward to it.

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              Nope, not being selfish. I buy my beef from Nick Maravell (Nick's Organic Beef), in Potomac. No need to take an attitude. He's just one guy with one farm. But I found him, on my own, by digging on the Internet, as I said.

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                Thanks for sharing. Content helps.

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                  If you want another name, I have bought grassfed beef from West Wind Farms ( I think is the website). It was a good experience all around except that they mostly sell by the 1/4 or 1/2 cow (and it's all frozen)...

          2. My favorites are Roseda Beef, Ecofriendly, and Polyface for beef.