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Quality Local Beef - Where to find?

Looking for a local farmer to buy good beef. Any suggestions? Where do you look?
Is there a place where these guys are rated? Open for suggestions or reviews!

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    1. Most farmers markets have a meat vendor thats "local," but you usually have to get it frozen at the market. If that doesnt bother you then check out Eco Friendly Foods (at many area farmers markets...they also have Web site). Personally I dont buy their stuff because its crazy expensive but they sell to 2941,Cityzen, Zaytinya and a ton of other famous restaurants, so I guess its good.

      Also at farmers markets is Cibola Farms, which has good buffalo meat but no beef I think. Good beef at the organic butcher in mclean as well, which i believe is local.

      1. Hickory Chance sells at the JFX farmer's market and has consistently impressed me:


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          Mt. Airy Meat Locker in Mt. Airy, MD. Local pork, sausage and beef. Also, Shriver's Meats in Emmitsburg MD has excellent local beef. Shriver's is a full service packing house with USDA inspectors on site that deals only in beef.

        2. I am not going to post the name of my source on this public forum, for fear of overwhelming him. I wanted local, grass or grain fed beef (but beef guaranteed fed with NO animal by-products) and I just searched on the web. I found a wonderful local source, and every fall we get 1/8th of a beef (just 2 of us so a quarter is a bit too big) You might do a similar search if you want to buy more than a couple cuts at a time, there ARE local folks producing good quality beef.

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            Why not post the name and give your source the business? Really, you're just being selfish here. I don't think it's a matter of "overwhelming" your source, but more that you want to ensure your 1/8 cow. The OP wants to know sources, not an anonymous account of your beef. Be a CH'er and share! I mean, "good for you", but share. That's what this forum is for.
            Mr. MV and I were recipients of 2 Porterhouse steaks and a pound of ground beef from Hollin Farms in VA. We grilled the Porterhouses last night and WOW! From the marbling to the taste, we're probably going to buy.
            I'm going to make hamburgers with the ground beef, and am really looking forward to it.

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              Nope, not being selfish. I buy my beef from Nick Maravell (Nick's Organic Beef), in Potomac. No need to take an attitude. He's just one guy with one farm. But I found him, on my own, by digging on the Internet, as I said.

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                Thanks for sharing. Content helps.

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                  If you want another name, I have bought grassfed beef from West Wind Farms (westwindfarms.biz I think is the website). It was a good experience all around except that they mostly sell by the 1/4 or 1/2 cow (and it's all frozen)...

          2. My favorites are Roseda Beef, Ecofriendly, and Polyface for beef.

            1. Two places I buy in the winter are at the Bethesday Women's Farm Market, where Stonyman farms carries excellent unfrozen beef, fresh milk and eggs, country ham, and a good selection of Virginia cheeses. If you're in the mood for a drive, go out to Middleburg and buy from The Home Farm Store, which sells their own pasture raised meats. Expensive but worth it. Its the best meat - pork, beef, and lamb I've found anywhere. The local farmers markets usually only sell their meats frozen, which I don't normally buy. Eastern market also has a range of options, including venison and buffalo but I haven't bought anything there yet aside from bacon and chicken. There are plenty of farms in the area that do deliveries to groups of buyers around the DC metro area and there are any number of websites that will give you detailed information on local farms and how and where you can procure their meats. Spend a few minutes on the internet and you'll find out there are plenty of options. Although many of these small farms only sell in large lots that require significant freezer space.

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                FWIW, you will always get fresh meat frozen from the farmers markets.

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                  I don't doubt that the meats at farmers market are fresh frozen, but I only buy grass fed meats that have not been frozen unless its something like stew or chili meat. If its going to be braised for a long time it doesn't really matter. If its going on the grill or a roast, that's another story.

              2. Seems to me that the beef, etc. that I've seen at the Amish markets has appeared to be of a very good quality although, since I keep Kosher, I've never tried them.

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                  I would be wary of the Amish market. Their meats appear to be sourced from Sam's Club. You might as well buy it there at half the price.

                2. I use Meadowbreeze Farm from Pennsylvania, which offers meats as well as pastured, grass-fed dairy products. You buy their products using the CSA model, meaning you order online and they deliver every week to a local dropoff - usually someone's house. They have relationships with various farms and ranches, so you can order beef, lamb, chicken, and even some more exotic meats. But selection-wise, I prefer Polyface, but they only deliver every 5 weeks and they're in the middle of their winter break right now.

                  You can email farmorders@comcast.net if you want to get more information from Hillary of Meadowbreeze.

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                    I had a good experience yesterday at Let's Meat on the Avenue in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria. Perhaps you should phone or stop by to see if they have what you are looking for.



                  2. How much beef do you want? Because if you want a half or whole cow (you will have to have a chest freezer and like ground beef) you can call any number of beef farms and get that. My Dad is a beef farmer and does that. But if you just want specific cuts or smaller parts of a cow then you need to find someone that is able to do that and who can source the rest of the cow that you don't want.

                    1. I met this couple at the White House farmer's market back in November, but they participate in other markets around the area. Specific cuts were available. The ground beef looked nothing like it does at Whole Foods - it was a dark rich red and very finely marbled. I did the ground beef and a few bone-in rib eye steaks. I got their card - it's Groff's Content Farm (they're certified organic) and can be contacted at jtbolton1958@gmail.com. They sell at other farmer's markets in the area and can be contacted for specific orders as well. They do other things besides beef, also - their eggs are the best I've been able to find - the yolks are practically orange. Enjoy.

                      Oh, and they're in Rocky Ridge, MD.

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                        JW Treuth is my go to place in the Baltimore Region

                      2. You don't say where you are but "My Butcher and More" in Annapolis is very good.... get butcher. Just Google "Butcher, Annapolis"

                        1. I had a good experience with Hedgeapple Farms in Buckeystown. They're somewhat proximate to Montgomery County MD. I found them nice and professional to deal with. I ordered a "beef box" which meant I didn't have to get a 1/4 cow. And Scott, the person who will contact you, was good about letting me swap out cuts that my family doesn't like.

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                            Does anyone know if any of the above mentioned farms make home deliveries to the DC area?

                          2. I bought 2 strip steaks from Pecan Meadows at the 14th & St. market last Sat. and thawed them overnight in the fridge. I pan-seared them on Sunday and made a pan reduction sauce with red wine, a splash of balsamic, stock and finished with butter.
                            Grass fed and finished beef. I will definitely be a return customer.
                            Check out their whoopie pies too!

                            1. Groff's is back at the White House farmer's market on Vermont every Thursday starting at 3pm now, FYI. There's a guy there selling amazing pork, also...usually I loathe cubing pork shoulder because it always kind of smells...this cut was very reddish and smelled like pork does when it's cooked for a couple of hours. Amazing!

                              1. Although it isn't super-local, I love White Oaks Pastures beef (http://www.whiteoakpastures.com/
                                )They sell it at Whole Foods on P Street here in DC - it has a green shiny label on it. It is 100% grass-fed, organic, Certified Humane, Animal Welfare Approved, and they butcher and pack the meat themselves on-premises. Seriously, this is beef you can feel good about eating.
                                It tastes great and I've served it to people who allegedly "don't like the grass-fed flavor" and they loved it and couldn't believe how good it was. It is the only beef I will buy from Whole Foods - and you have to look for the green label that specifically says "White Oaks Pastures" on it.

                                1. www.mybutcherandmore.com
                                  he sells local/organic beef - you can call ahead and order what your want. very very knowledgeable and very good meat, not just beef. it is worth the trip to Annapolis.