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Jan 28, 2010 01:06 PM

Your Great Lakes Restaurant that you would take on a deserted island!'

I would have to chose the Publican out of Chicago. I am sorry my Detroit fellows! The Brunch alone has made me a convert!

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  1. Travis--St Clair Shores.

    1. Silver Coach, Stevens Point, WI.

      BTW, now that we've jettisoned those Favre-worshipping, thermal-undies-wearing, Guthrie Theatre-attending, Lutefisk-eating Minnesota Hounds from our board, how will Rick from Point keep up with JFood's third-person reviews? The horrors!

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      1. re: Rick from Point

        Rheta finds those third-person reviews from JFood to be quite intersting if not amusing.

      2. Chicago has so many great restaurants, although it has its own forum so you could say that its restaurants don't qualify for the best of this forum.

        Of the places covered in this forum, if I had to choose only one, it would be Margaux in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

        Honorable mentions: Sanford in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Everyday People Cafe in Douglas, Michigan; Six One Six in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Oakley's Bistro in Indianapolis.

        1. Sansu in East Lansing ... sushi at the top of its form ... always dependable ... always delicious ... quality shows.

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          1. re: Ravenjon

            For sushi and japanese food in the Lansing MI area my vote goes to Maru in Okemos. At least as good as Sansu.

          2. Crop in Cleveland, by a landslide. :-)