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Jan 28, 2010 12:54 PM

Down East, Maine

Setting up spring trip for photography and sea food gorging along Maine coast from Bar Harbor to Lubec and would appreciate any food and motel recommendations for this section of the Maine coast.
Thanks in advance for your comments.

Anaheim, CA

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  1. I will be in Huntington Beach for a week on 2/14, email me at my profile and maybe we can meet for a beer and I'll tell you directly. I am a registered Maine guide. Funny, I'm researching Orange county like crazy right now.

    1. In Machias there's a place called Helen's. Try the chowder, fish and chips, and their pie. There's another in Ellsworth, I've heard, but I haven't been there.

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      1. re: Pat Hammond

        The Helen's In Ellsworth is under different ownership and is a silver panther gathering place.
        In Machias, many prefer Bluebird Ranch.
        In Ellsworth don't miss Cleonise or Jordan's Snack Bar. Sullivan, Chester Pike's Galley for break. or lunch. Lubec is having a surprising renaissance.
        Keep in mind Washington Co. is one of the poorest in the entire US and there is a dearth of fine dining.

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          Second the rec. on Cleonice. Love that place. The lamb burger is incredibly good, also love the spinach and chevre salad, and the paella. They opened another place not far from there in Blue Hill called Table.

      2. It's been a few years, but we enjoyed the lobster rolls at Uncle Kippy’s in Lubec.


        1. To the above, add: Ruth & Wimpy's, in Ellsworth (lobster prepared 30 ways, quite a retro funky downMaine spot); Country Charm, Steuben, for fried fish; detour in to Wildflour Bakery, Steuben, if open; also in Steuben, but well hidden is Painted Pepper Farm, source of amazing yogurts, ice creams, maple syrup, granola, and much more; Bold Coast SMokehouse, Lubec (Vinny planned on selling lobster rolls and more this season); Cohill's, Lubec, for good pub grub and local chatter. Don't miss Monica's Chocolates or Quoddy Mist sea salt, both in Lubec, either. Back in Ellsworth, for el cheapo eats, good food, and lots of local flavor, Martha's Diner, in the Reny's plaza--but off to side, behind the chamber of commerce building.

          Plenty of good and cheap/resonable lodging within proximity to these places; Cohill's has rooms upstairs that are quite nice, motelish, but most have amazing water views; the Cannery is in an old cannery, and West Quoddy Station is in a restored lifesaving station; both are apartments, so you can cook your own lobster. Stay at Moose-a-bec in Jonesport, and you can watch the seaweed harvesting from the windows--kinda cool (although quite controversial), and you can walk to TAll Barney's, so-so food (ya never know, sometimes great other times, not so) but a bonanza of local color. At HArbor House, in Jonesport, you overlook the lobster boat fleet and Maureen serves a delicious breakfast.

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          1. re: Mainegal

            Yes and Sullivan Harbor smoked seafoods and Tracey's, the cheapest seafood I know downeast. A lobster dinner for $7.95 and lobster rolls 2 for $12 and it's BYOB, both in Sullivan.
            And grab a lobber dinner or lobber rolls at Galley on the Bridge and driv back across the bridge and devour at the Tidal Falls.

            1. re: Passadumkeg

              Just wondering, Passy, if you're the guy in the next booth, since we seem to favor the same haunts. Let's not forget Carl Johnson at Fisherman's Inn, in Winter Harbor. One time when I was there and asked (silly me, but it was off season), how fresh the fish was. Kathy turned to the guy at the booth behind me and asked, "So XX, when did you catch this, anyway." Carl's also the guy between Grindstone Neck of Maine smoked seafood, and the store also sells lobster rolls and other goodies in season.

              1. re: Mainegal

                Nope, just fish for myself, I might have taught him though.
                And it's Dumkeg, please, it fits better.
                Tall Barney's in Jonesport can be a trip too, but I liked it better w/ the original owner.

                1. re: Passadumkeg

                  When does Chester Pike's usually open?

          2. Holy Guacamole! How did I forget Ruth & Whimpies, "lobster served 19 ways" and the $9.95 lobster dinner and decadent desserts.
            Not many food "deals" in Bar Harbor, but many threads and posts dealing w/ it. My fave. local place is The Thirsty Whale, inexpensive pub grub. The is a youth hostel in BH.
            Check the B&B sites.