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Jan 28, 2010 12:37 PM

MSP: Good salad options near airport-Mac/Groveland area?

I'm arranging a workshop locally for an international presenter.

I would like to take him to a nice restaurant for the two dinners he'll be here for, but not $$$$.

He's not a fussy person. He says he eats light the night before a presentation, so a restaurant with a few good salad options would be nice. To give you an idea of what I mean, I have had nice salads at Prima a couple years ago when I was last there, and they have nice enough ambience, but they are WAY TOO crowded.

Thanks for your nominations.

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  1. Shish has some very good salads. I think I even asked them to leave out feta and pepperoncini and sub more raw veggies, since I"m watching my sodium...and they very nicely gave me a beautiful large salad.

    1. If you're eating light/sticking with salads, Heartland will be just as inexpensive as anywhere else, especially on the Wine Bar side.

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        The salads at Punch are excellent as well.

      2. How about Cafe 128 (across the street from U of St. Thomas on Cleveland) or Jay's Cafe (a little out of the way from your specified area: on Raymond by University)?

        1. Trotter's on Cleveland just south of Marshall.