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Staub Basix 6 qt. enamel coated dutch oven from QVC

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I just bought one of these for around $100, including shipping from QVC.
I was wondering if anyone has this particular Staub dutch oven and if they like it.

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  1. my local tjm has these in oval.. if you have a tjmaxx you could swing by and check them out.

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      Mine is oval also. I went to TJMaxx and they did not have any as of yesterday.

      1. re: hophead71

        I finally used my Staub Basix dutch oven and it worked beautifully. I made the Chicken Paprikash recipe from this site and my family loved it!

    2. I sent one to my MIL for Christmas last year(the 5 qt size). She's been really happy with it.