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Jan 28, 2010 12:19 PM

Sichuan hot pot in NJ?

Does anyone know if there's Chinese place that does hot pots in NJ? Preferably sichuan but I'll take whatever I can get.

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  1. How about Dragon Palace in Edison? I know they have hot pot and I've had some really great meals there. The one drawback is that their Chinese menu is not translated into English. I usually order the few Sichuan dishes that I know and then look around the tables and point to something that looks interesting. It's a little embarrassing but has proven effective. There is also one waiter that has been helpful. I think it's worth a shot.

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      Good suggestion. Great restaurant. I too, I am afraid, have resorted to ordering by pointing there. Rude, perhaps, but efective.

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        Thanks guys.

        Any suggestions on what to order there?

      2. Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove (Verona border) does hot pots, iirc...and all of the real-deal Sichuan food there is worth the trip!

        A friend goes to Dragon Palace on a regular basis and has been chatting w/the owner (?) about translating the menus...last I heard he said they were going to do it--and may have already done so w/the lunch menu. I'm sure that the waiter taste test mentioned is 'his' waiter too!

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          Friends of mine think the most authentic Chinese Restaurant in NJ is China Chalet. I have never had chinese food in China so I can't say. However, we ate here on New Years Eve and it was certainly different from the standard American Chinese restaurants. I had something swimming in red pepper sauce which was flavorful, but not atomic hot and spicey. I am not sure about the Hot Pot, but you may find it on this menu.

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            The website for China Chalet references a 2005 review by Cody Kendall of the Star Ledger. The article confirms that Hot Pot is served at this restaurant.

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              Thanks for all the responses! I think I'll start with Dragon Palace...I hope they have a translated menu!

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                Out of curiosity or clarification, the hot pots you are seeking.....are you looking for traditional casseroles where all the ingredients are cooked in a clay pot....or are you looking for a Shabu Shabu/Sukiyaki type dish where you cook items in a broth at the table?

                The way I read the Cody Kendall review, I take it as the latter Shabu Shabu/Sukiyaki type dish.

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                  Hey fourunder,

                  I'm a fan of all communal hot-pot type meals, so I could go for either. But I guess specifically I'm looking for a Sichuan mala hot pot served shabu-shabu style. I've been trekking out to flushing for korean and chinese food lately and every time I'm out there I see someone with a delicious looking mala hot pot....I'd like to try it with a bunch of friends but they don't want to trek out to flushing. Which is why I'm looking for a place in NJ.

                  1. re: joonjoon

                    Here's a few Korean places you may want to research to save you on some tolls.

                    I'll try to put the thinking cap on for some Chinese if possible. I'm only familar with the casserole versions.


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                      Thanks Fourunder - I'm very familiar with the Korean that's available in Pal Park/Fort Lee, but I've been going to Flushing for the stuff you can't get elsewhere...spots like Han Shin Pocha, Flushing/Golden Mall, etc - they just don't have that in Jersey unfortunately. :(

                      I might hit up Dragon Palace this weekend...I'll be sure to report back!

                      1. re: joonjoon

                        So a bunch of friends and I went to Chengdu 1 this weekend. Wow! It was amazingly delicious and spicy. I'm still trying to get used to the mala numbing.. it freaks me out!

                        Unfortunately the hot pot wasn't what I hoped for - it was just a boiling pot with everything in it, rather than being the shabu-shabu style.

                        Next up is Dragon Palace!

                    2. re: joonjoon

                      if that's the case, may i suggest you try that at home. All you need is a mala soup packet that can be easily found in any Asian market. Kam Man and Asian Food Centers got all the frozen meat and fish pre-sliced for hot pot in their hot pot section. You can also find the pot and portable stove in those stores also.

                      1. re: yCf

                        That's an idea! I did just buy a bag of sichuan peppercorns too, so maybe i'll try making it from scratch even!