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Jan 28, 2010 12:16 PM

What's happened to Braun Aroma Coffee Maker?

First, we have two of these, using one for decaf whenwe have a get-together of friends. They both look alike, except one shuts itself off. They cost under $50.

Now it seems that every on-line and retail place is out of them, and the ones that are being offered cost about $120 - $150, a WHOPPING increase in price. Anybody have any idea what's going on?

They make great coffee that my wife and I have been drinking for years. We recently ordered a replacement filter holder top that cost $25, which was expenssive compared to the originaal price but OK enough with the value we've gotten out of the original coffee maker.

Is this inflation or the Euro or what? Almost THREE TIMES the original price?

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  1. I had one for about eight years, and it died just before Thanksgiving. I couldn't find one in the stores or on-line, and I observed that people must be spending a lot more on coffee makers these days. I am guessing that the popularity of high end expresso makers is partially to blame here, and since the market seems to be able to bear it, well, the prices have gone up.

    I couldn't see spending big bucks for basic drip coffee maker with an auto-shutoff, which I do require. I also want to see the water level when I add water, because I have been known to forget that I added water, and add it twice (or not at all). That ringing phone is nuisance sometimes. I would certainly spend more money on an expresso maker, but this is the basic deal for me. I ended up congratulating myself on the less than $30 purchase of a Mr. Coffee, for which I used a Bed Bath and Beyond 20% coupon, and it has worked just fine. I sprung for an add-on, a gold filter, because I don't really like to retrieve used paper filters, but that is it. I think I ended up paying something like $26 for the coffee maker and $10 for the filter. Not bad. And it works exactly the same way as the Braun does.

    1. EclecticEater: "... a WHOPPING increase in price. Anybody have any idea what's going on?"

      Truth being stranger than fiction, during the Clinton Administration, the United States got into a trade dispute with the European Union over banana exports. (Think of it: how many bananas are grown in Europe? Or in the United States, for that matter?) The EU slapped a punitive tariff on United States bananas, and the United States imposed a retaliatory tariff on European-made coffee makers. I thought that that tit-for-tat had expired, but maybe not, or maybe it got renewed.

      Braun, of course, is now a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, so therein lies another possibility. Have you priced brushheads for Oral-B (same subsidiary of P&G) power toothbrushes lately? The brushheads alone run upwards of $9.00 apiece in packs of three.

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        well, the bannanananana thing wasn't about bananas actually grown in Europe. (France is a pretty major banana producer, by the way.) Or the US. It was about preference given to former European colonies, over the interests of US banana companies.

      2. The Braun USA web site has no mention of coffee makers in the product list on the home page, unlike the German or International English editions of the web site. Therefore, I assume they've stopped selling coffee makers in the US market.

        U.S. site:

        International site:

        (Both have really annoying Flash animations - you've been warned! ;-) )

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          The basic Braun Aromaster KF 400/420 Type 4085 used to be sold here in Vancouver at London Drugs for $21 including tax. It was made in Mexico. So there might be some connection to the NAFTA & tariff war suggested by a previous poster. Sadly, London Drugs no longer sells any Braun coffeemakers.