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Jan 28, 2010 12:12 PM

Moving from EV to me find something to eat, PLEASE

Leaving my incredibly blessed foodie location at 11th St and 2nd Ave for a nicer apt with a kitchen I can actually cook in on 78th and York. So when I'm not eating my own creations can someone please tell me where to go around here (i will walk far for food so 20 block radius in OK)? I feel like I am betraying my poor stomach. Are there must have's and little places who something wonderful that I shouldn't miss? I eat everything, every flavor, every culture, sweet to spicy.

I know I can't replace all the great things on 7th st alone (LUke's, Porchetta, Caracas, Klimat...etc) never mind the whole area i' m leaving (boo-hoo MOMOFUKU EMPIRE, Motorino, Mama's fried chicken)...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Buddha BBQ is a sweet little family-run Korean restaurant on 1st near 91st.
    Naruto Ramen on 3rd near 90th
    Cascabel Taqueria on 2nd Ave in the 80s
    Szechuan Chalet and Wa Jeal - both good Szechuan restaurants in the 70s
    Ethiopian restaurant is on York (it's not great but it's fine)
    Good family-run neighborhood sushi bars: Tsuki, and Inase
    Love the little roast beef and onion sandwiches at Corner Bistro
    Good burgers and great beer selection at Cafe d'Alsace - eat at the bar
    Home cooked latino food at Abuela's on 1st near 91st (not open in the evenings)
    Good Italian sandwiches (and good market) at Milano's on 3rd near 88th
    Nice neighborhood butcher is Conte's on York near 88th - they'll order anything you want
    You'll be very close to the wonderful Agata & Valentina (a market) on 1st near 80th.

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      A few more:

      B Cafe - Belgian beers, mussels, good burger on 75th btw 2nd and 3rd
      Ottomanelli Cafe - BYO great burger, decent simple Italian on York btw 85th and 86th
      Beyoglu - Turkish (great mezes), 81st and 3rd
      JG Mellon - burger, 74th and 3rd
      Pio Pio - Peruvian Chicken, 90th and 1st

      High End Sushi: Sushi of Gari (78th and 1st), Sasabune (73rd and 1st)
      More neighborhood sushi: Gajyumaru (87th and 1st), Suki (84th and York)

      1. re: glutton08

        thanks for the head start hounds...

        1. re: glutton08

          Forgot Patty's Taco Truck on 86th and Lex

        2. re: gutsofsteel

          Agata & Valentina is at 79th and First Ave.

          1. re: gutsofsteel

            I only had Naruto Ramen once but it was pretty bad. Greasy, over-salted broth and the fatiest piece of pork imaginable.

            1. re: KTinNYC

              While it certainly doesn't compete with the better ramen joints in town, i also cannot say it's "bad." It's satisfying on a cold winter's night, that's for sure. And often their specials are pretty decent. I'm glad it's in the neighborhood. I would never tell anybody to travel to it, but in the neighborhood...not bad.

              1. re: gutsofsteel

                I didn't say bad, I said pretty bad. I work in the neighborhood and I know I won't be returning even on Mondays when the ramen is $6.95.

                1. re: KTinNYC

                  Maybe some time try whatever ramen they have as a special for the month. I've found those to be consistently better than the regular menu ones. Still I wouldn't call it "good" but not too bad, pleasant on a cold night.

          2. Sandro's on 81st near 2nd for great authentic Italian (Roman) cuisine.
            Land on 2nd near 81st for very good and reasonably priced Thai.
            Mansion at 86th and York for diner food.
            Emack and Bolio's on 1st in the low 80's for great ice cream.
            Two Little Red Hens at 86th and 2nd for the best cupcakes and cakes you'll ever have (try the brooklyn blackout).

            1. Spigolo is small and cozy with friendly service and, most importantly, delicious food.

              Photos here:

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                Spigolo is awesome. Always full but I generally had good luck with last minute cancellations.

                Flex Mussels is also good if you're into mussels and shellfish.

              2. Pizza: Nick's, Totonno's, Gotham, Mezzaluna
                Italian: Zucchero e Pomodori is good and pretty cheap
                Chicken: Pio Pio, Chirping Chicken
                Burgers: Ottomanelli, JG Melon
                Wine Bars: Felice (which is a full restaurant too), Uva, Vero
                Bread: Orwasher's
                Groceries: Citarella

                1. Checkout
                  Andre's Cafe — Hungarian on 2nd Ave & 84th/85th
                  delicious struedels

                  We UES residents are eagerly awaiting
                  Shake Shack coming to 86th St. between Third and Lex

                  I like the appetizing / bagel store at the corner of 78th and First Ave.

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                  1. re: pbjluver

                    At Andre's stick ONLY to the strudels, but skip the poppy seed. I like the cabbage strudel there. The other baked goods are mostly lousy. And often obviously not fresh.

                    Don't miss the Hungarian Market and Schaller & Weber

                    Hungarian Market has better strudel than Andre's.